It has original freedom from binding dogmas. It has free sacraments to all. It has free seeking after truth in gnosis of all religions and science. We study specially the teaching "YOU ARE GODS" (John 10 .34, Ps 82 6) and "Know thyself" (The Gospel of Thomas). Those who begin to believe in the divinity of our innermost nature find that it has revolutionary consequences compared with common exoteric dogmas. We may believe in our eternal pre-existence, reincarnations until Christlike perfetion, and gifts of our Spirit which Saint Paul named "wisdom, gnosis, faith, healing, miraculous powers, to distinguish between spirits, to interpret tongues. Eastern yogies name them Siddhies, the clairvoyant eye of Shiva etc . It is now even studied by psychoanalysis:C G Jung did in his book "Seven sermons to the dead" accept Christian gnosis . Ancient Jews were indoctrinated that only their Messias is the true son of God. Most Christians have in an equal way been indoctrinated. A Free Catholic message is that all beeings are "of the same substance" as God but that Jesus and e.g. Buddhas and Krishna and the Angel which came to Mohammed are more perfect incarnations of God. They are as our elder brothers and sisters and sent by God who is transcendent and immanent says a muslim.. We name them prophets, saints, Masters or say that the Angel of God speaks through them., that they incarnate because of compassion and take on themselves our burdens (Jes 53).. Revolutionary is the message that all of us are "Gods" or innermost one with a heavenly Father or Mother God- Some results of our liberation are immediately observed in our liturgy: God is within. We do not any longer use prayers which are petition. We prefere e g affimative ontemplation and blessing. Jesus is supposed to have prayed with petitions. But letters are then killing. Jesus did use the indefinite tense of that tiime. In our time we know that his agape-love is most in harmony with affirmative prayers. And that is now one revolutionary side of our liturgy. In west you find it in our Celebration of the Holy Communion, ,the Mass or the Eucharrist. of Christ. In East is Communion and transsubstantiation named the mystery or MAHA YOGA of the avatar Jesus.. Our "revolution" makes West and East ONE in"United Religions".Try and find that this service is revolutionary in many ways, liberating , giving hope, confidence and joy. You may contemplate the role of the priest (P), the role of the congregation and of God within you. Your role is to seek pure love, gnosis-enlightenment and transsubstantiation in unity with the divine Self. You may sit as Jesus did sit with his disciples. Or you may stand up or kneel. You may use the common sign of cross to bless and use sacramental words and the holy Scriptures, but question translations and interpretations. Eastern people are free to use their "mudras","mantras" and their prophetic writings As Jesus we do not abolish the prophets which are sent.(Matt 5 17) The service starts with invocation. Our divine nature is always invoking us and we respond. Next comes three stages mentioned above which even Areopagita mentioned:, via purgiativa, illuminativa, unitativa. The rest of the service are the same three stages of our inner pilgrimage deepened. The transsubstantiation of all beeings is the central mystery and goal of our pilgrimage. That is demonstrated’by Christ incarnating in the bread and wine.... Advanced "worship is in spirit"(John 4 23). We do then pass from written liturgy and enter "the cloud of unknowing" ("dharma megha") and become passive. "It is no longer the common I who live but the divine Christ-Self who lives and acts in us (Gal 14, 23) Mysteries of God are revolutionary