(P.) LORD CHRIST, WE WANT TO LEARN TO PRAY BY YOU (Luke 9 28) We contemplate how you went up to the mountain to pray with three disciples. And when you were praying the appearance of your countenance was altered and your raiment became dazzling white. And Moses and Eliah appeared in glory. They spoke to you about what should happen to you in Jerusalem. Peter and those who were with you were heavy with sleep as we often are when God is teaching . When awake they saw the glory of you and of Moses and Eliah. A cloud overshadowed them and a voice came out of the cloud saying: "This is my chosen son, listen to him"O Lord Christ, we contemplate what happened during your praying. We will also go up to the mountain to pray with you. We will also enter the cloud about which mystics have spoken naming it "the cloud of unknowing - or in East "Dharma Megha, the cloud of Righteousness" We will also behold the glory of You and prophets. We will alsohear the voice of heaven. O Lord Christ, we thank you for inspiring us to seek the Mount of praying. And we bless you. +C: Amen’