THE PISTIS SOPHIA GOSPEL ( Vide illustration)

"But it happened that after Jesus had risen from the dead he spent eleven years speaking with his disciples." So runs the first words of this Gnostic gospel. The original is said to be written by the apostle Philip ordered by Christ. In remaining fragments we read about how the Master had after the resurrection went on educating his pupils. Among them was Mary, the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, who is said to be the most spiritual pupil of all. During the twelfth year it happened that they were gathered on the Mount of Olives beholding a great light-stream pouring over the Master . He did then speak as the glorified Christ. He wished to tell them the Mystery of the Pleroma, which is beyond the world and which is all evolution and all involution, the emanation of all and reabsorbation of all. Mary said; "O Master if the gnosis of all these things is in that Mystery, who is the man in this world who shall be able to understand it and all its gnosis"? And the Master answered: "Let but the Christ be born in their hearts by their forsaking the delights of the world and they

shall grow into the being of Pleroma and so possess all its Gnosis. I am the Gnosis of the whole Pleroma. He who receives this one and only Word, that man is Myself and I am that man. Though he be a man in the world yet he shall be a King with me in my Kingdom. Know ye not and do you not understand that ye are all Angels, all Archangels, Gods and Lords, all Rulers, all the great invisibles, all the great ones of

the emanation of the Light. The Ineffable lies stretched out (crucified) with all its limbs in the space of the Ineffable. He who shall have received the mystery of the Ineffable that man is myself . But even though a man is righteous and have not committed any sins it is impossible to take him into the kingdom of the mysteries because the sign of the kingdom of the mysteries is not with him. He must have

gnosis as well as righteousness. A sinner shall be sent back to the world according

to the type of the sins he has committed. He is sent back in conditions favourable for

the receiving of the mysteries in another life. John the Baptist is, as I did say before, reincarnation of the prophet Elias. In your pourings into different bodies in this world you do now suffer. Seek until ye have found the purifying mysteries, that ye may be worthy of the mysteries of Light". The Master gives as example one myth about "Sophia", a name for e.g. our soul who "falls" from heavens and incarnates in illusive worlds where is suffering. The Master tells how she fights and does reach victory supported by "Michael and Gabriel". She is surrounded by Light and is "crowned". The Master speaks with parables explaining that there are not in this world fitting words. The Master does even use ceremonial to educate pupils. In "The book of the Saviour" is an example where Jesus celebrates the Eucharist-mysteries of Light to remit sins . Jesus stands by the sea of the ocean at an altar surrounded by disciples, male and female, and does use a ritual language of the type affirming that He and

the Father is one, that he is representative of the divine Father. He affirms "The Father calls you, the Father does bless you". Translators misunderstand or believe that he

with petitions calls the Father to listen more to us . The true Gnostics are wiser. The most important gnosis is the spiritual experience and teaching that God and the gods in all are one as when the apostle Thomas from India reports that the Master has said "raise the stone and there Thou shall find me. Cleave the wood and there am I" Common religion has become dualistic in the sense anti monism, The gnosis of ancient mysteries affirm that all incarnations are of the one god . A bible says "God shall become all in all". That is true Christian gnosis , The Gospel of Pistis Sophia is an

example of how Christ tries to teach us how our soul is emanated out of our Pleroma-

nature and how our soul will be happily reabsorbed in our inmost Pleroma-Self