PRAYER, MEDITATION, CONTEMPLATION IS A JACOB’S LADDER At the lowest part of that ladder are many indoctrinated to use childish petitions that God shall change and become more giving. Later on we understand that it is man who shall change. To some souls prayer is an inner battle symbolised in the "Revelation" by battle between angels of light and darkness. Saint Michael and even Saint George are victorious in fights with dragons who symbolise evil. Eastern religions have equal parables: Famous is the battle in the yoga-book Bhagavad-Gita. Dragon and serpent may even be parables for wisdom. To some souls and orders a meditation is to build an inner temple, "to grow into a holy temple in the Lord (Eph 2.21) At high parts of the ladder we may as Areopagita,"the father of the Christian mysticism", use affirmative contemplation. At the highest parts will we as Jesus "worship the Father in spirit and truth" (John 4.23) . Such contemplation is beyond word and thought. Some believe that Jesus did pray with petitions that God shall change and become more giving. But Jesus used the Hebraic indefinite tense when he prayed with words. Do remember his Agape-Love-teaching; that the sunshine and rain of God is equal on all (Matthew 5 45). We may then translate to affirmation. Jesus said "YOU shall pray: "Abba, Father." As the word YOU is pronounced in a special way some believe that this prayer is

not meant for all but for people on an certain level. If you will use "The LORDīS prayer" we recommend an affirmative translation e g

" The LORDīS PRAYER" (Matt 6, 9, Luke 11.1) All:

FATHER in heaven, Your Name is holy. Thy Kingdom is coming.

Thy will is done on earth as in heaven. You are giving daily bread.

You forgive our trespasses as we forgive them that trespass against us.


( or if you will continue with the words which science believes are

not original you may try the following affirmative interpretation:

You lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. Thine

is the Kingdom, the power and glory for ever and ever. Amen

(You may compare equal old Jewish prayers as )

The BLESSING of AARON (Numbers 6. 24)

(P:) THE LORD does bless you and keep you.

The Lord make his face to shine upon you and give you Life..

The Lord lift up his countenance on you and give you peace.

C: Amen.





















A procession with scriptures of religions may be formed according to one old tradition

PROPHETIC WRITING of religions.. A Reader (R:) e g

Jesus said " I have not come to weaken the Law or the prophets" (Matt 5 17)

The law and the prophet is "Whatever you wish men to do for you, (Matt 7 12)

do likewise also for them" (You may find equal words in most prophetic religions),...

THE EPISTLE A Reader (R:) e g

Saint Paul did write; "We speak wisdom among the mature.

"We .speak of Godīs secret wisdom. God has revealed it to us by the Spirit "

(Compare Gnostic writings as the Gospel of Thomas and the

Gospel of Pistis Sophia and "Apocrypha" writings and Jewish’

Qabbalah. Compare even epistles in other religions, page...... ..).

THE GRADUAL All sing or read. (Compare other graduals page.... )

They that love Godīs wisdom they love life

and they that seek her early shall be filled by joy

You teach me, o Lord, the way of Thy statutes,

and I will keep it until the goal

You give me understanding and I shall keep Thy law

I shall keep it with my whole heart

The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of the dawn

shining ever brighter till the full light of the day (Proverb 4 18)

MUNDA COR MEUM is a traditional petition.. Here reformed. (R:):

We affirm that God will + purify and + bless us when receiving Gospels of religions


( One traditional procedure at gospel is 1/ The gospel-reader is blessed,

2/ Gospel-reader; The LORD is in you - blessing +

3/ C: And in you is the SPIRIT - blessing +

4/ The book of gospels is blessed and censed

5/ All sing: Glory be to Thee, o Lord +++

6/ All make 3 crosses with thumb at forehead, throat, heart +++

contemplating the Trinity before the gospel is read.

7/ The Gospel-reader reads: The Gospel is from (e g John 16 13)

"When the Spirit of truth comes she will guide you into all truth..."

8/ After gospel-reading all sing: Praise be to Thee, o God


(If there be a sermon, it can follow here, proceeded by Invocation: e g

In the Name of the Father + and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost

C: Amen

(and followed by e g a traditional ascription of glory to the blessed Trinity:

And now to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost

be ascribed all honour, might, majesty, power and dominion

now, hence forth and for evermore

C: Amen