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  and THE COMMUNION OF UNITED RELIGIONS. ( Samfundet Förenta Religionerna ) and THE CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOL OF INTERRELIGIOUS GNOSTIC FREEDOM . (Brevskolan för Interreligiös Gnostisk Frihet) are religious branches which maintain and defend the original religious gifts of

  1. FREEDOM FROM BINDING DOGMAS "He has sent me to proclaim release...¨(Luke 4:18), "where the Spirit of the Lord is , there is freedom (2 Cor 3:17)
  2. SACRAMENTS FREE FROM CONDITIONS. Freely you have received. Freely give (Matt 10:8), "I am the bread that came down from heaven" (John 6.41)
  3. INTERRELIGIOUS GNOSTIC FREEDOM for "knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of Heaven" (Matt 13:11, 16:19),"We speak of God´s secret wisdom"(1 Cor 2:7)

TO BE TRULY CATHOLIC (kata+holos) and ECUMENICAL (oikumene, the habitable world) means universal, all-embracing. We ask all half-"catholic" and half-"ecumenical" organisations to unite in such an intercatholic and interecumenical work as we have. Their half-"ecumenical" councils have tried controlling dogmas and anathemas against us and against all minorities which have dared to speak in more liberating ways about the parables of religions and to give sacraments to non-dogmatic seekers and pioneers.

THE COMMON DOGMATIC LIMITS have made people indoctrinated, brainwashed and against free scientific questioning. Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Mohammed and all true prophets have given both childlike faith with parables and secrets of heaven. Such hidden divine timeless wisdom, "Gnosis of Agape" is still to be found in all religions though veiled and obscured. "We are entrusted with the mysteries of God" (1 Cor 4:1, Matt 16:19, Luk 11:52). But we have to use parables for the secrets.

"YOU ARE GODS". That is one "secret" in the Old Testament. "CHRIST IN YOU" is the same "secret" in the New Testament. (Col 1:27). The hidden eternal nature of man and of everything is mentioned as a secret in all religions. In eastern languages: Tao, Atma, Krishna, the eternal Buddha-nature. Compare even what science says about "sacral king"-parables. Be free to contemplate your inner nature as "personal, impersonal, male, female, monistic, dualistic" etc.

CHRIST is a word with many meanings: our inner all-one-nature, an incarnation of a divine aspect, a prophet. Christ is believed by some to be of the same substance as the "Father". Some believe that we are all of the same eternal substance. Some believe that Jesus is just an older soul or as an older brother. We do inspire free seeking, knowing that there are many "keys". (Matt 16.19).

THE MOTHER OF GOD is another secret . We contemplate freely if St. Mary is just the human mother of Jesus? Or if she is even a symbol or representative of a heavenly Mother. Is she just an elder soul, a heavenly helping sister or saint? Jesus says in the Gospel according to the Hebrews: "My mother the Holy Ghost..." That is a typical gnostic expression.

SAINTS in the sense more perfect souls are mentioned in all religions and can inspire us even if many are partly fancied. We recommend you to study and compare them with heart and head. THE TRUE PROPHETS are saints of God. Jesus could not among the Jews of his time openly say that all religions are from the same God though veiled and misunderstood. Christ does not abolish prophets of any religion (Matt 7:12). He mentions the same "law" in all religions (Matt 7:12): "Do to others what you would have them to do for you". In this new age we do talk with parables from all true religions and we shall slowly get "UNITED RELIGIONS" among those most illuminated. In this new age we begin to read even during the public divine services the gospels of both Christ, Moses and Buddha, Lao-tse, Mohamed etc. In Bhagavad Gita we read how Krishna speaks about reincarnation: "as a man casts off a worn-out garment and entereth a new". We do freely speak about life before and after the death of the body, about resurrection through real reincarnation here and about spiritual resurrection in higher consciousness.

"FALLEN ANGELS" are according to one parable-key just our reincarnating souls. Before "creation" we live in the eternal (Eph 1: 4). In the beginning of time we live in a heavenly world "when the morning stars sing together and all the sons of God shout for joy (Job 38:7). Down here God and we are later wested in light and darkness (Isaiah 45:7). The opposites give resistance which helps us to manifest our divine qualities. In a parable it is said that an angel wrestles with Jacob and blesses him (Genesis 32:24). In an other parable it is said that Baalam is hindered by an angel with a sword . That saves him. (Numbers 22:23). Angels are also said to give inspiration for holy scriptures in the religions. But even the words of holy angels and scriptures are limited. Books are called infallible but are full of limited words. Childlike letter-faith is a beginning in religious life. But we must recommend the seekers to question the letter, translations and interpretations. Many "keys" ought to be tried (Matt 16:19, Luk 11:52, 2 Cor 4:3)

GNOSIS is mentioned in the Septuaginta-bible: Isaiah 11:9, Hosea 6,6 , Job 33,16 and by S:t Paul. But how many can understand higher gnosis? Jesus gives to Simon the title "Peter" which means interpreter of secret gnostic truth."ON THE ROCK of truth shall religion be built" says Jesus to Simon who has understood a TRUTH about Messias. And in some mysteries the "Peter" is sitting on a symbolic rock but in vain if not the infallible Spirit talks through such a Peter (Proverb 29:18, John 16:13, 1 Cor 2:10).

WORSHIP IN SPIRIT AND TRUTH says Jesus. But many prayers are unspiritual egoistic PETITIONS that God shall change and give more. Areopagita, "the father of Christian mysticism" tried to make people pray with AFFIRMATIVE contemplation. And our Free Catholic Eucharist and other services are affirmative. Try them. When Jesus prayed with words it was not with petition. His Hebraic language had undefinable tense. His AGAPE-teaching ought to inspire all to interpret in an affirmative way: "Father, you give bread, you do forgive..." MYSTICISM do we heir from Areopagita, Eckehardt, the Gnostic gospels of Thomas and Pistis Sophia. But in this more free age we can even openly recommend comparisons with mysticism from other prophetic religions. Eastern YOGA is not always dangerous but sometimes high and healthy. RITUAL mysticism does inspire many. Processions from the outer world to the temple and altar is common at Christian services. We may compare the legend about the exodus of MOSES which is foremost ritual. Moses was initiated in the Egyptian mysteries where there were exodus-processions from the outer world to the inner temple which represented the promised spiritual land. (The acts 7 22) We find equal exodus-processions in the later Israeli religion. But is has been believed to be foremost an outer historic exodus. Science can tell us more exodus-rituals. Even psychoanalytic research about exodus-dreams and exodus-visions are illuminating. C G Jung was both scientist and Gnostic of our type and his "Gnostic sermons to the dead" is a good education about our exodus from matter to spirit. . ART may for many be an equal help to experience a spiritual exodus. For some it is enough with a beautiful bysantic icon to experience how an inner eye can open and let us watch something of the promised inner land.

OUR APOSTOLIC SACRAMENTAL SUCCESSION is inherited from the original church and from its ancient Gnostic mysteries. All beings are priests and priestesses but some of us do even choose to serve with sacramental priestordinations. Some of us live in celibacy. Free gifts for our churchwork can be given to THE FREE CATHOLIC foundation via the postal giro of the ecumenical bishop M Rev Elis Wikström, postal giro 22 71-5 Sweden.

THE CELEBRATION OF THE EUCHARIST at our round-table-altar is central with us. The doctrine of transubstantiation is freely contemplated. We can say that all souls are through many incarnations "transubstantiated to perfection. Corresponding is a transubstantiation within sacramental bread and the wine in the grail through an immediate incarnation of Christ. That is a mystery. It is experienced. As we read in the Acts 2 17," your sons and daughters will prophesy,....see visions. Our SACRAMENTS of healing, baptism, confirmation, marriage and priestordination are mystery-initiations. The sacrament of absolution is asked even at funerals and it is given also to souls who are in conflict with common religions. It is sometimes contemplated as a form of vicarious atonement. Such "grace" is not in opposition to divine justice. Mental conceptions are often in conflict with spiritual realities. About justice it is said (Gal 6.7) that we shall reap what we have sown. And the doctrine of temporal sin and harvest ("karma" with eastern people) is often misunderstood. We know that souls are purified in this life and after. But not with endless suffering. The divine nature brings all to love and wisdom and perfection. We produce literature about this and other religious questions.

The ecumenical bishop M Rev Elis Wikström



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