The first CENSING

The bible mentions incense used in temple and rites and in heaven. , Rev 8 says

that an angel at the altar in heaven has a censer with incense which mingles with

the prayers of all the saints - and many Christian congregations use now incense.

The prophet Moses says that it is the will of God that "you shall make an altar to

burn incense upon..." Moses may even have learnt how the Egyptian mysteries

(Acts 7 22) used much incense. Even Zoroastrians, Hindus and Buddhists and

Muslims use incense.. Already in ancient time incense was thought to have e g

a benign physiological effect on those who offered it during their prayers

The old custom is to bless incense and to cense altar, priest, congregation etc

P: In the name of God + we bless this incense. +

A biblical prophecy is that from the rising of the sun

we shall bring pure offerings and incense shall be burnt

Our inner, angelic nature will let saintly prayers as smoke

of incense ascend before the innermost God in all

As incense shall we breath forth the blessing of the Spirit.


P: The Lord is in you - blessing + (The Lord is in the rite represented by P)

C: And in you is the SPIRIT - blessing + (The Spirit is in the rite represented by C)



+ We bless You, God the / Holy Trinity.

Affirming here Your / undivided unity.

You are in all now incarnated / immanent

Still infinite, eternal / transcendent.

As in the beginning the / morningstars sing (Job)

and angels shout for joy and /dance in ring (John acts)

we praise Your Names, the Father, Son and / Holy Ghost

and learn more Names for You, the / God of hosts.

We bless You, God, the holy / Trinity.

Affirming here Your / undivided unity


Kyrie eleison, Kyrie eleison, Kyrie eleison ("JHVH be merciful" Ps 31 9)

(Contemplate "God the Father gives mercy")

Christe eleison, Christe eleison, Christe eleison ("JHVH be merciful" Ps 31 9)

(Contemplate "God the Son gives mercy")

Kyrie eleison, Kyrie eleison, Kyrie eleison ("JHHV gives mercy" Ps 31 9)

(Contemplate "God the Holy Ghost gives mercy")

(The common translation is to ask God to change and become more merciful

But the original words are with indefinite tense Ps 6,3 31,10)

(The Agape-teaching of Christ asks for affirmation, as "God is perfect mercy")