and the tree of mystic CROSS in religions.

We are the branches and shall sacrifice

fruits of love, wisdom and good will.

God, we unite in the Tree and its

sacrifice. throughout all the ages

We lift our hearts in adoration

to You, God the Son in all.

We contemplate messages

that You are consubstantial,

co-eternal with the Father,

abiding , unchangeable

within Yourself , that

You nevertheless in a

mystery of Thy LOVE

and eternal Sacrifice

did breath forth

Your divine Life

into the universe

and thus did offer

Yourself from the

foundation of the

world, truly dying

that we might live.

Omnipotent and

all-pervading are

You upholding the

creation sacrificing

Your life within all.

You work through

Your Hierarchy of

Saints who live but

to do Your will as

channel of Thy power

to whom we offer our

love and our reverence.

You, O most dear and

holy Lord have in Your

wisdom ordained for us

this Sacrament of divine

love that in it we may both

commemorate that eternal

oblation in symbolic forms

and verily take part in it. So

do we perpetuate, within the

limitations of time and space

Your enduring Sacrifice. That

gives to us , who are branches

in the TREE right nourishment