The Angel Gabriel came to the virgin Mary. We and animals, vegetables, stones, fire, water.. belong to the

Angels worlds  which  watch over us.    Many of us are less evolved souls.     Herod was  fetched from  lower worlds and became such a king which we deserve.       After death he did perhaps temporarily become a royal swineherd  or a "king Tantalus" in a Purgatory.     Our  worlds  are as a   masked ball     where souls get rôles

by Grace and what we deserve by Justice  or what is  valuable lessons.        Christ is a heavenly  "Priest-King                 


    Some witness that they have as  Mary  met elevated beings     Our mystics do even witness about being One with the  Eternal,  absolute ,  endless beyond illusive duality  beyond   "Holy and not Holy".   That Reality  is   unspeakable, "Nobody" or   "Empty" from human point of view      A religious message   is hat we are  all pre-existent  in the eternal Being before time and  space. (Eph  1.4)  But we witness  that we here meet the Eternal manifested  as Spirit and Matter  which two manifestations of the Eternal if often symbolised as a   male  God  and a   female   Goddess.   The male God is often said to incarnate    ("The  Word  becomes  flesh"  )   and  the Goddess   if often said to have a    material side   symbolised   as a women     (Eve  Maria etc)    The material manifestation   of the Eternal  is  sometimes said to be   resisting the Spiritual side,    or giving that resistance which is necessary for our evolution or pilgrimage to  re-absorption   Involution is  sometimes symbolised by 

a  female  or by an Angel  who is  Devil from our point of view.   "Satan"  means  (the necessary)   opponent.


       What is the truth when  we meet heavenly helpers and that we sometimes,    as in the Pentecost-story do

hear  some speak to us with our own language   or do educate us without words. oHoHh    öööööIs  the appearance  of Christ   illusion?    In mental   hospitals  are   patients   who witness unbelievable  experiences .        Many try to find  explanation  in  Bibles,  medical books,   psychological  ideas of  Jung ,  unconscious  levels  of  our  nature"

 A "realist"  dislikes  the   statement that Christ appears  in  different shapes.    On the way to Emmaus did He appeared in a new form.  And  in The Revelations"  was He seen as  "a son of man dressed in a robe reaching down to His feet  with a golden sash around his chest. His head and hair were white like wool, as white snow, and his eyes  were like blazing fire (Rev  1 14)  He was  as  a lamb looking as if it had been slain (Rev 5 6) and as the Word of God,  the King,  who is  the Judge (Rev 19 11)  St Bridget did witness that  she saw Christ as the new-born child . St Francis  witnessed  that  he  heard  Jesus  Christ  from  the  crucifix   say:  "Go  and  rebuild  my  degenerated  Church"

Ramakrishna witnessed  that he did meet Christ who embraced  him  and went into him.      The Hindu guru did hear  the words:   "This is Christ,   the Great Yogi  who lives in eternal union with God"     Ramakrishna did reach to   believe that Christ is  one of the incarnations of God and the same God as  will meet us in the depth of all religions.   Mose witnessed that God  talked to him from a  flame of  fire  in  the midst of  a  thorn-bush  (Exodus  3 2).    Plotinus witnessed  about a vision of God in a female heavenly shape. Many  imagine God as male  but  Gnostic Christians talk as Christ Himself  of  "my Mother, the Holy Spirit"   Most priests are hired shepherds  and do only preach what they are paid  to  declare.      If then a blind  man guides a blind man,  both will  fall into  a  pit…(Math 15 14 )     One   priest  told   us  that  Christ  had appeared to him  with one  single question:  "Shall  even you betray me?"    The priest became shocked   and confused


     Many of us are still   spiritually blind but  some witness that  Christ and  "the Mother of God",  saints and  angels have

appeared in earthly and heavenly form and without form, as    heavenly consciousness which conveys  Gnosis about Life, death, eternity.  Christ appears as  Peace which passeth  dualistic understanding.         We have seen Him as Divine Child   on the lap   of  God  the  Mother  and  experienced  something  of  her  consciousness:    that  Holy  Ghost-consciousness.

Christ has given some of us to   experience  how during   the Eucharist  the divine  consciousness incarnates in bread and wine-juice  and transubstantiates  it  or  taking the human body of  the devotee and going  into it, using it as the bread and transubstantiating it so that the human being temporary experience what   transubstantiating is.    Christ did so temporary incarnate his divine consciousness in   the devotee .   We   have experienced him as  a poor    "Episcopi  Vagantes",    the highest  bishop who walk with us  the pilgrimage to the ONE.      He does so educate us Himself or through his Angels or

Real Saints.  The common "saints" of the Church-organizations  are most often not what Heavens  names saints


   We witness that God has given us to experience Angels of Justice and Grace who incarnate in and with us.  We  are told  that a  meaning  of life   here is that we shall  reach  "the other shore"    in the sense consciousness  of    the  Kingdom   of heavens.      Different words  and symbols in   all  our     religions and their gnosis try to express and help  different  souls  .

Saint  Paul  writes about his visions and that he has  been given to hear  words which  belong to heavens.    Christ himself 

tells us   about pre-existence,  that John the Baptist is a reincarnation of the prophet Elia  We are told that  the Holy Spirit will  guide us to the whole truth.   .  The Gnostic Christ enlightens us about  that we are   emanated  out  of   the   absolute pre-existence  and that we will be perfected and reabsorbed  in the absolute  reality beyond opposites and that all religions  will be a unit in purified forms.  Christ said   "I have much more to say to you,   more than you can now  bear"    (John 16. 12)     "I  have been speaking figuratively ..but I will tell you plainly " (John 16 25).     He   said  ."The  knowledge  of  the secrets of   the Kingdom of    heaven   has  been  given  to  you   but   not  to  them (Math  13 11)(Mark   4   11)   When he was alone  the Twelve and the others around him asked him about the parables.    He told them "Secrets of the kingdom of God has been given to you,.  But too those on the outside everything  in parables"


    The Annunciation of the Virgin Mary  can be interpreted in many ways.     Mary can symbolise a  refined  human  soul who is  blessed by Gabriel who is  a manifestation of the Holy Spirit.     The Maria-soul  is later on incarnating the Word. We are in different aspects Mary, Gabriel, Christ, and  we are deepest  the Eternal temporary   manifested  and    eternally  not manifested.     The birth of Mary may  symbolise  birth of matter  and   the  Assumption  of our Lady  may  symbolise how matter is reabsorbed in the  Eternal    . "Virgin"  is sometimes a word  for a soul  guided by the higher nature  and not by the personal limited self and  its desires.     Real saints are "Virgins"   as the Lady Mary   in that  symbolic  sense