119             EXORCISING,    PRAYERS                                                                  119, 1

Can change  us. The common soul is as surrounded by clouds of imperfection which hinders the sunshine of

Divine Grace to reach us.    Healthy prayers, meditation, contemplation, thinking, feeling, action can change

these clouds,   making in them openings for the sunshine of  Grace.     A   real saint is liberated from  clouds

and therefore a blessing    for his surrounding   even without prayers or sacraments but still more when he is

intentionally blessing in the name of  the divine nature which he is incarnating.  Jesus and all prophets  bless

and  ask   us to  pray  with   blessing


                Before meals,   you may say grace,   but before  all things  you may    pray exorcising

Food and most  things in this world    are    poisoned

Both with regard to the          physical side          and the metaphysical  side

There  is        “ecological” food                and you are assured that the  food is pure

And most things  which you buy have passed examinations and  are   accepted by authorities


Pray  then  exorcising:   We    EXORCISE      AND BLESS  this  …………………. in the Name of God

THE  + FATHER,   THE    +  SON    AND    THE    HOLY  + GHOST.      AMEN


Blessing prayer for those dead and  those who are believed soon shall die

In the Name of God,    the    Father   +   the  Son   +   and    the   Holy   +  Ghost  

We do  +    exorcise  those who are dead

 and who are believed soon shall die,


And we do   +   bless them invoking  their Angels  and  the  liberating  Angel   of   Death

We    +     Absolve  them  in the NAME OF GOD.  + + +                              Rest in the eternal +


Contemplate that  God is in everything,  in every  living and dead  man , in the angels of  man, in the angels

of   fire, water, wind,  earth,  plants   and  in the angels of all  those  animals, which man  pains  and kills

Bibles tell that  the whole creation  shall  be liberated,  reach liberation from corruption of death (Roman  8 22)

God will  wipe every tear from  our eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain

when the old order of things has passed away       (Rev   21 4)

Jesus said  “I am the All. The All comes forth from me, and the All reaches towards me”  (Gospel of Thomas)

Jesus  says     “Lift the stone and you shall find me , cleave the wood and see I am there”        “      “        “

Messiah  is symbolized by meat-blood of  killed paschal lambs  but has  in his Eucharist  bread and  grape juice

Jesus   quotes       You are gods-  (  but you shall die as men )       (John  10,34--    Psalms    82 6  )

And Jesus mentions the death of Lazarus   who  becomes  happy escaping  a  Tartaros

But such heaven-peace may cease      Jesus  tells Philip how many who die must   first purify    (Pistis Sophia)

And  be born again,  learning    saying     to God      Amen        (=yes)

Remember Elia, the  incarnation   who   became   after death and  transformation

John    the Baptist,   the  saint,    the “greatest” who did eat only   honey and fruits from the  locust tree


           Contemplate  in  prayers   that

Christ     says  that   we  shall    rise  from  the  dead        

Christ is then     a word  for the   innermost nature of  all 

In    that   Nature is    Resurrection  and  Eternal   Life

In  some  Gospels  the  interpretation  is   “ rise    to heavenly life  “

In  other  interepretations     “ rise”      is   in  the  sense  reincarnate,  

We are each  and everyone free to contemplate different interpretations



O God  we contemplate  what we have heard about

A    soul    who    PRAYED    TO GOD  FOR  MORE  JUSTICE

We contemplate   that     an   Angel answered    in a dream

You have just now enough of   justice  as   Grace  has  postponed   Justice and that is best for you

You have sinned much in former incarnations and if  Justice shall come now it shall crush you

Then we say in our prayer,   we bless you God   and thank you  that you give us   Grace which

does postpone  Justice  as we may have sinned much in former incarnations

and can not  stand  perfect  Justice  now         Amen



A    soul   suffered in jail, in fetters, in  poverty, in sickness,   among enemies

And prayed to God for     some  Grace

And in a dream did   the  Angel-self answer.    “The Grace of God does postpone   perfect Justice. It shall

not come to you at once.   You have sinned much in  former incarnations and if   complete Justice  should

come to  you now at once  that should change your situation   so that it would become much worse “

Thank then God in your prayers  that you get  much  Grace which does postpone  complete Justice