(P with lifted (unveiled) monstrance or small cross in the right hand)

P: The PEACE of our innermost divine nature, which passeth understanding,

is with us on this pilgrimage through time and space. Receive the blessing

of the Eternal, the + FATHER the + SON and the HOLY + GHOST.

Heart and mind shall be united with God so that "God may be all in all"

and we will say as Jesus: "I and the Father are one"

C: Amen

("To be one with God " is said with many diffferent parables:’

Jesus and many interreligious scriptures say that God is the Bridegroom, who is waiting

for our soul to become Godīs bride as in the picture below when the bride is crowned.

Some mystics prefer to say that we shall become as angels in unity with God - beyond

the duality bridegroom-bride .And some mystics try to speak with negations about a

unification in an absolute state beyond creation and self. Some try to contemplate all

the different alternatives until they reach truth beyond word and thought and self.