says in THE MAHAPARINIRVANA SUTRA "It is only when all outward appearances are gone that there is left the one principle of life which exists independently of external phenomena. When the world weary of all sorrow turns away and separates itself from the cause of all sorrow then by this voluntary rejection of it there remains that which I call the true Self. Of this I declare the formula that it is permanent, full of joy and pure.

THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE says "Seek in your innermost nature your true Self. Rest at the Tree of Wisdom which is your own Buddha-nature, the God or Master within you.

Om Mani Padme Hum In THE LIGHT OF ASIA says Buddha: "Inmost are you free. The Heart of existence is a heavenly rest" THE TIBETAN BOOK OF THE DEAD says :"Your Buddha-nature is beyond birth or death. Below is a PICTURE of the famous , Javanesic PRAJNAPARAMITA , Wisdom,

which is the eternal Mother of all Buddhas.

Their followers. Bodhisattvas, resolve to

take upon themselves the burden of all

Compare Avalokiteshvara and Messias ,

and the "vicarious atonement" (Isaiah 53)