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The FREE Catholic Church will in apostolic love and wisdom preach liberty, proclaim release to captive souls, recover sight to blind souls (Luke 4 18, Isaiah 61).

The Free CATHOLIC Church is universal:

Kata+holos= throroughly whole, one tree though many branches, all-embracing, ecumenical

The Free Catholic CHURCH transubstantiates

ekklaesia = "chosen, predestinated before the foundation of the world ....to be holy" ( Eph 1)


An Eucharist-transubstantiation or Yoga of God is constantly perfecting the souls in the universe. The innermost Christ-Sophia-nature in the soul is the acting eternal priest(-ess). God says to each soul "You are my child... You are a priest(-ess) forever in the order of Melchizedek" (Hebrews 5.5, Psalms 110.4 You may be or may not be priest(-ess) in a temple in this time . But you are forever "chosen by God (1 Peter 2,4) in a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices. You are a royal priesthood belonging to God".

The following liturgy is suggesting that you privately or in congregations and in small groups contemplate and "do this in remembrance" (Luke 22 19) The saints do constantly remember God within and without. God is all in the saints (1 Corinthians 15,28). The word "remember" can even be understood as to recall the many "limbs" of God incarnated in the universe, to recollect the children of God to the heavenly home. When a soul experiences itself as a "member of Christ" (1 Corinthians 12 27) that is a goal of religion and yoga . You may start by each day read or silently contemplate at least page 4, which can be understood as a summing-up. Parts of this liturgy are most instructions or information, comments and ought to be studied at other times than at a spiritual service. Yoga-interested people in east and west may find the Eucharist of Christ to offer the highest of yoga and of all religions. But different parables in different religions ought to be compared. Jesus does not abolish prophets. (Mathew 5.17, 7.12) He gives Sacraments, Keys to secrets and Is with us (Matthew 28)