ELOHIM- GODS ARE YOU, all of you, nevertheless you shall die" (107)

Christ did refer to those words in the Bible (John 10.34, ) when people protested against his saying "I am the son of God (10.36), I and the Father are one"(10.30). He was then believed to be blasphemous or heretic by many Jews. Minorities in esoteric, cabalistic circles may have understood that Jesus expressed the Monistic philosophy that the innermost nature of all is God and that the common idea of God and man as separate beings .is an illusion. Those with a spiritual eye experience God as the All-One Such Monism is the first idea in the Bible (Genesis 1):"In the beginning is ELOHIM"=God, all Gods-Goddesses The creating subject is not mentioned but is "the absolute eternal being" named Ain Soph Aur in Cabalistic wording, Pleroma by Gnostic Christians. Out of the absolute is emanated, "created" or manifested Elohim + heaven + earth. (Genesis 1.1) And at the end of time are earth+heaven+Elohim reabsorbed in Pleroma Everything is inmost the absolute Pleroma but is temporary manifested as Elohim+heaven+earth. Our eternal Pleroma-nature is a "negative, uncreated no-body" beyond mental understanding. St. Paul writes in the letter to the Ephesians 1. 4-5 that we were "chosen before the foundation of the world" and predestined to (divine) perfection .Job 38.7 mentions our (divine) nature as morning STARS who in the beginning of time singed together and shouted for joy. Pre-existent is then our being but these high levels are difficult to express in human words. .St. Paul admits in 2 Corinthians 3 12 and 4,3 that our scriptures from Moses and Jesus are veiled. Moses "put a veil" upon the Pentateuch. The Koran says the same and says even that the Koran is veiled. Luke 24.31 mentions how Christ opens the eyes that some disciples could better understand the scriptures. The problem remains that most religious people have not got their eyes open to the real meaning of the scriptures

WE MUST FALL to the earth and die though we are gods, says the bible. "As a grain of wheat" is one parable (John 12 24.) Isaiah says "O how you are fallen from heaven o day star, Son of dawn" Our inner nature is symbolised in such ways. We fall down from heaven in order to incarnate here. A secret of heaven, one side of gnosis is then that we do incarnate not only as Elohim = God but even as an most misunderstood side of our being, the shadow or twin of Elohim. That is Lucifer (Satan, the opponent) the other necessary side. Both emanate from Pleroma and are finally reabsorbed In our time can we find scientists as doctor Jung accept the Gnostic ideas about Lucifer: in his book "Seven sermons to the dead". He did veil it from the public for along time. Perhaps because it still is not popular ideas. Even doctors must think on what can hinder salaries Lucifer is the lightbringer. He brings knowledge to those in the paradise where our Adam-Eve-souls were as animals. Lucifer is then misunderstood. He is a co-saviour

LUCIFER is the thinking human soul of man It is not yet manifested in the lower kingdoms Seeds of Elohim-Satan must FALL into the earth and die (incarnate) and bear much fruit good and bad. The will of heaven is that we shall "eat" the fruit of good and evil knowledge we shall become (Matt 13 32) a tree where the birds (spirits) come and make nests in its branches. The tree shall become a pillar in the temple of God (Rev 3 12) We are then reabsorbed in Pleroma or as actors in a drama we put off the roles and return home

Even in the East do Seers say that we shall fall down to earth . " the Sons of the God Brahma fall down to Patala." That is our earth which is relatively a hell. But it is also said that the children of Brahma shall all return to their heavenly homes after Purification from sins (imperfection, not yet manifested knowledge.. When the soul falls down it does loose the heavenly consciousness and that is a death for the soul and there is the death of earthly and heavenly bodies. When a soul does reach spiritual consciousness it is said that it returns to eternal life even if bodies die and reincarnation is a form of new life. Monism, fall, death are then most important ideas of the bibles

Satan is not yet much understood. Symbolic language is misunderstood. This God or aspect of the one God is symbolised as a serpent in many religions This serpent tells man who is blind from mental point of view how to get eyes opened (3 7) and to know that our souls were first naked, empty as the animals. The serpent is then a symbol for how a Satan-

aspect guides man to get the soul clothed with the colours of knowledge. In the Greek Promethevs -symbolism it is stated that man was in the beginning as in bibles quite without Knowledge. From Promethevs comes all culture. Promethevs complain that he has given to man the "fire" of heaven, all culture, art, science… but has to suffer fettered to matter or fettered in the soul of man. The exoteric Jewish and Christian religion has not in such clear way understood that the serpent- Promethevs is a saviour living in the tree, matter rock or soul of each man and forcing each soul to reach knowledge culture freedom Each soul shall reach the stage of knowing his own higher God. Isaiah 11 6 prophesised about a new paradisic time:: the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord And the Revelation gives another such picture of a new paradisic time

Lucifer is by some named Lord of divine Justice. He may as a surgeon give pain to you, when saving you A small accident as a broken leg may save you from partaking in a deadly accident . Compare in the bible the story about how a hindering angel saved Baalam. A farmer may pray for rain and think it is Lucifer who sends too much sunshine. A tourist may think it is Lucifer who sends rain. Heaven sends the best possible help within the limits of justice. The love of Elohim-Lucifer emanates , guides , give wise justice and reabsorbs all