In all religions - and with poverty, politic, patients, health-movements. It can change our psychic and

physiological state for better if the methods are wise. But often the fasting person does not know much about

what is healthy or unhealthy and sickness and premature death may be results. Many religious souls have

punished the body to get rid of desires or because of the belief that it is meritorious . Baalam- in the Bible

(Numbers 22 5) punished his body (his riding animal which complains and says: " Am I not your she-ass upon which you have ridden from your youth even to this day.. " An angel tells Baalam to be kind to the riding animal. When we read that Jesus did fast we get the impression that he was wise enough to fast in such ways that it was good for both soul and body. (Matthew 4.2) "Fasting 40 days" need not be a literal truth. Jesus says that his disciples shall fast (Luke 4 35) as common Jews ( (Mark 2 18) John the Baptist

did fast and eat only wild honey and fruits from the locust-tree. (Matthew 3 4) Luke 1 15 says

"He will not drink wine and strong drink and he will be filled with the Holy Spirit. His vegetarianism

was possibly inspired by the Essene-order which had the rule "not to kill". One theory is that they had

been inspired by the Indian "Ahimsa"-ideals. The Essenes declined to take part in Temple rites involving animal sacrifice and brought to the altar offerings of flour and oil only. Perhaps they were influenced even by secret Jewish Kabala. Jesus may have been of the same vegetarian path . but hiding it as - necessary if

he should have a world-religion and not only a small group. Jesus recommends fasting, as in Mark 9 29 "this sickness can only be driven out by fasting and prayer

Genesis gives the idea that man was first vegetarian Isaiah 11.7 gives the prophesy of a future when the lion shall eat straw as the ox , that the world will again be vegetarian or that there will be no death and

no problem with dead bodies. That is to say that we will return to a spiritual life without physical death.

Acts 13 3 gives the information that the disciples did fast and in Act 15 28 they write that they and the Holy Spirit decided that we ought to abstain from blood and meat of strangled animals The gospels do not intimate that Jesus did slaughter lambs as many Jews. He is believed to have given "bread an fish" to thousands. But "fish" was a symbol for souls who have gnosis- knowledge and bread can be a symbol for spiritual food. Matthew 14. 17-19 reports that Jesus gives "opsom" to 5000. Opsom is a Greek word which

is most often best translated "fruit" but seldom "fish". Fish-eaters has the will to translate. "fish".

Even about Socrates is it reported that he did eat fish. The original word is again Opsom and it is well known that Socrates was a vegetarian. Many of the first Christians looked upon vegetarian food as an ideal.: Augustine, Antonius, Franciskus did eat only vegetarian food. St Paul has been accused of having written "drink wine, eat meat", do not listen to the gnosis"… but that letter to Timothy is now believed to be a falsification. Paul was himself a type of gnosis-preacher with " initiations in the secrets of heaven"

He writes in Romans l4 21 "It is better not to eat meat or drink wine or to do anything else that will cause your brother to fall" Clemens of Alexandria is also writing against the bloody meat-eating

St Basilius did write that meat-eating gives sickness. Some Christians do recommend wine-drinking and meat-eating . There has been different opinions and the bible-words may not always be original truth.

Falsification and misunderstanding is human. Sometimes has money been a reason for falsification…

It is still more difficult for a rich man to enter heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle..

The right wording is in the Peshitta Bible "for a rope to go through the eye of a needle " but however

is money and carrier problems. And stupidity according to Schiller is too difficult even for gods.

That was human to misunderstand when e g the original word "gamla" means both camel and rope.

Jesus blessed bread and "opsom" Fruit is the best translation but fish is common fault. He is understood as a

shepherd, sowing-man and owner of a vineyard, not as slaughter. Never we read that he killed an animal

and did eat the dead body. He is himself the "paschal lamb" according to the religious symbolic language

which his neighbours could somewhat understand. He says that not one sparrow is lost before God

( Luke 12.6)… Not one of them will fall on the ground without your Father's will (Mathew 11 29)

St Augustine tells that "Jacob, the brother of Jesus did not use meat or wine. .Neither we will.

St John Chrysostom is the greatest authority for the Orthodox Christians. He writes about his own and his monks "We have no streams of blood, no slaughtering. We live from what we sow and reap, we have bread and fresh water and fruits…. We are given healthy food: vegetables, milk cheese fruits. Best are food which does not need a fire-place. That is how St Matthew lived. He did never eat meat."

Vegetarian fasting was common among the first Christians but mighty groups tried to hinder vegetarian fasting. And we can go on reporting how even to-day many churches hinder most information about such fasting. Because of missing knowledge, financial interests, desire for advancement

A pity is that it is profitable in this world to support the most mighty groups

New groups of scientists try fasting . They will educate us to try vegetarian fasting in order to

become more healthy.. Alternative medical treatment and food produced without poison is coming more

and more and often supporting old religious ideas.

In the Hindu gospel Bhagavad-Gita can we find clear recommendation to use vegetarian fasting

each day the whole year. Many Christians do try to fast short periods and it is valuable but there are some

problems for health when you shall start fasting and finish fasting. It can be done in stupid unhealthy ways

or in ways which are recommended by those who have much experience. There is more and more of

literature about fasting and we do not say that the same methods are best for all. The different climates

and what the body is trained to receive ought to be calculated.

JESUS is in Luke 4 18 said to proclaim freedom, release, liberty to the captives….

Psalms 2. .3 says "Let us burst their bonds asunder and cast their cords from us"