Contemplate first personal imperfections, by John named "sins". And seek purity, with help of your human possibilities. And seek even help by our immortal "SELF" named Messiah-nature. Receive "grace" by a perfected

incarnation of the Messiah-nature (e g Jesus). God or such a heavenly helper is said to be able to take away sins. It is the mystery "vicarious atonement". Isaiah 53 :7 says that "the Lamb of God " takes over our sins. As we of love or compassion can pay debts of somebody else. John the Baptist preaches that Jesus is an incarnation of Godīs "Lamb" . One example is that Christ brings forgiveness to the paralytic and even immediate healing. To the apostles he gives the right to convey forgiveness. That is now in religion named absolution or the sacrament of forgiveness. Perhaps did John and Jesus sometimes serve secret Essene-sects which did e g believe in reincarnation. Jesus said that John the Baptist was a reincarnation of the prophet Elijah Rev 3 12 says "Him who overcome I will make a pillar in the temple of my God. Never again will he leave it.". Essenes had cabalistic and Gnostic teachings and were vegetarians - not killing animals. John did only eat wild honey and the fruits of grasshopper-trees (carub locusts-beans). John did baptise. It may have been inspired by the purification-rites of Essene-sects Water can be symbol of matter in which a soul incarnates.. To come up from baptism -water to "the other shore" is a parable for returning to our original heavenly life in which the spirit of God is seen and the voice of heaven is heard. The death of John may be a parable from the ancient mystery-rites where ritual "beheadings" is interpreted as giving up "normal consciousness of the common head in order to "awake in our heavenly head. Artists picture John with one heavenly head and one "dead" head -and with wings. Such similes are of course not meant to be understood in a literal way. John says that "the axe is at the root of the trees" and that "every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut off" An axe was given to members of Essene-sects. It means "seek purity, self-knowledge". It has been asked .for in all times. In the "Gospel of Thomas" does Jesus ask for it.. In East do Yogis of Hinduism and Buddhism teach it. Rituals of ancient mysteries in Egypt and Greece seek it. The temple at Delphi is known for it. Freud did say that Buddha is one example of self-knowledge.

The psychoanalyst Jung did find deep self-knowledge in one type of suppressed Gnostic Christianity which has an essential teaching about our mortal and immortal Self. Every child ought to be informed about the self-knowledge of psychoanalyses and religion, e g Christ-Self-Consciousness.