was initiated in Egyptian mysteries and he teached

an inner pilgrimage to the promised land of spirit. He named it "EXODUS from the slavery in Egypt" But it was in the Egyptian mysteries that he had himself been taught such pilgrimage (with words which fitted Egyptians better). He kept such "gnosis" half secret, using "veils" Followers have obscured . His CHILDHOOD is a parable for his first "initiation" in the "chamber of the heavenly Queen". This spiritual mother was named Isis, the mother of Wisdom. That "role" was in the mysteries played by a priestess (ritual "daughter-princess" of Isis). The mystery-father was the God Osiris, who is said to die but is reborn as the "son Horus". That son-role was played by Moses and of each initiate in the mysteries. His task is to make a pilgrimage back to the heavenly home. That pilgrimage was by Moses renamed "THE EXODUS from Egypt". The spiritual GOAL is symbolised by a sixpointed star and offering in a new "Israel"-temple. The form of the temple is

according to Moses given by God but is very much what he has learnt in Egyptian mysteries. The pillars

Jakin-Boaz, at the entrance is veiled Egyptian gnosis.

Ezekiel may for his temple-vision have been inspired

by equal rituals and visions of the ancient mysteries.

Abu Simbelīs sun-temple shows how a sun-God enters in the dawn through the portal in east. That is

how many temples and rites preach the same gnosis

1/ The pilgrimage is then first to depart from slavery

in Egypt in the sense liberation from worldly desire

But the "Egyptian fleshpots" are loved says the Bible.

27 To conquer the wild waves of the Red Sea., That is a simile for our drowning emotional desires.

37 To pass through the Sinai Desert. That is simile for our mental experiences and dangerous problems.

47 To "die" in the mystical sense die from the bonds

of the mortal self as Moses and all mystery-candidates "die" at the threshold of the "Promised Land" in order to Live in the immortal consciousness.

Such an inner "Exodus" is the task of all and is in the

rituals and inner experiences of deeper religions .An

exodus of 600.000 men+ women+ children +other people+ animals+ food etc 40 years is just ritual. But

a literal interpretation may be a start for children The

problem for religions is to give to every level of mind

what it can receive. The majorities will often forbid

gnosis as councils have done (Nicea-anathemas).. Secret groups will always try to veil it as Moses did.

He brought from Egypt the Tau-cross. Its egg was in

Egypt "gnosis". Out of that egg comes the " brazen " serpent. It had sacrificial fires in the Mose-temple.

Compare gnosis of the seven-branched candlestick.