WORD-LIST, VOCABULARY: A-O, Alpha-Omega, beginning and end Rev 1 8 ABLUTION=washing. ACOLYTE=priesthelper, AFFIRMATIVE= To confirm e g that God offers equally all to all. AGAPE= divine love. AMEN=Name for God in bibles.. ANATHEMA=excmmunication, banning. ANGELS 22. ANSWERING LETTERS= Send at least postage rate APOSTOLIC SUCCESSION= our bishops represent an unbroken line of real sacramental power from the Apostles. AUM=name for God in east. AVATAR= Christ-like incarnation. BHAGAVAD GITA= Yoga explained. 42. BIRTH= soul from heaven incarnates in body. BINDING dogmas as Nicea 16 .BLESSING=34. .CATHOLIC=Embracing all religious branches, e g orthodox. CHRIST= title for the innermost self in each being either incarnated or not. Jesus Christ is believed to be a most perfect incarnation. CLAIRVOYANCE=Spiritual or only psychic sight. CROSS of light 36. DEATH= Soul departing from body .ECUMENICAL=embracing the whole world ELEISON=(God) gives grace.. ESSENES are vegetarians 37 ESOTERIC=veiled gnosis in all religions. EUCHARIST Holy communion EXOTERIC = not veiled knowledge. FREE = Without binding dogmas e g. GNOSIS=Esoteric knowledge (Christosophy) HOST= A sacramental bread of heaven IMMANENT= God is within all. INCARNATE =A soul gets a body. J.H.V.H=God = J=father+H=mother+V=son+H=bride=or all souls. JEHOVAH=Jah+Yodh=male+. female. KABALAH=QBLH= Jewish gnosis, KEYS= Mt 16.19, Lk 11.52 KYRIE= God Father-Mother. LITERATURE. Order.list. Include at least postage-rate.. MANTRA =sacramental word. MONSTRANCE= Vessel for a host of Christ. MUDRA= holy sign with fingers. MOTHER OF GOD=The Holy Spirit or her incarnations. PATRIARCH 20, PETER= Ancient title for interpreter of gnosis.in religions, 24. Compare Simon Peter. PETITION=desire-prayer:"change, give more gifts". PISTIS SOPHIA=Gnostic book where Jesus, risen from death, teaches e g reincarnation. PLEROMA=Our nature beyond creation. 43. POPE= title for bishops and even for priests in Eastern churches, as the pope in Alexandria. The Roman pope is banished in east. Pope-titles are not used in the Free Catholic Churches who. use "Ecumenical Bishop" as the highest title and interpret ecumenical as meaning universal, without dogmatic limitations, without excluding religious people with different interpretation PRE-EXISTENCE Eph 1 "God chooses us before foundation of the world...REINCARNATION = Resurrection through rebirth in a new body as John the Baptist was a reincarnation of Elias according to Jesus RESURRECTIONS =Spiritual reawakening. SACRAMENT= Means of grace. SHIP=24, .SIMON PETER The apostle heard Jesus say "You are Peter and on this "rock" I will build my church. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven Mt 16 18.One orthodox interpretation is that Jesus says that God has to Simon revealed the truth that Jesus is the Christ, the "chosen Son" of God and that this truth shall be the rock on which the church shall be built.."Peter" has been title for an interpreter of Gnostic truth and Jesus is then saying that Simonīs words are a true repesentation of Gnostic interpretation. PTR is a word belonging to the circle of initiation in the ancient mysteries. The "rock-seat of Peter" belongs to the Mysteries. Different temples say it belongs to them. We say it belongs to each individual who is from within by the Holy Spirit given the gnosis of God and therefore can be a real interpreter and initiator. In Egyptian. ancient mysteries there is a glyph looking as an open eye for "Peter" . SIN=against the will of the innermost Self 37.. SOPHIA=wisdom of the female Holy Ghost or our souls according to Gnostics. SUNYATA= Nothingsness or the universe as illusion.. Compare page 43: Ain Soph Aur, Pleroma, Areopagita. TRANSCENDENT= God is above creation. VIRGINITY 35, VISHVAKARMAN= A Vedic god-aspect crucified in space page 27 YOGA="I and the Father are one, (John 10.30) is the goal of real (not money-hunting) yoga-schools