To be used when Baptism or Confirmation, absolute or conditional, is not administered

The Priest stands at the entrance to the sanctuary,

The candidate stands turned towards the altar


P In the Name of God, of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Ghost C Amen

P (turned towards the candidate)

You have expressed the will to be admitted to the fellowship of the Free Catholic Church

And to partake in its pilgrimage and reforming work

Let us contemplate how the Lord does welcome and bless all his co-workers

(The following prayer may be used in connection with any who are admitted to the Church

by Confirmation or by conditional re-Baptism)

O Lord Christ, who art ever ready to receive and to strengthen the earnest aspiration of Thy

children We thank you for blessing with Thy heavenly grace this (these) Thy servant(s) whom

we now admit to our fellowship, that growing continually in virtue, he, ( she ,they)

may serve Thee in holiness and righteousness all the days of life and thus may be

found worthy to obtain the riches and the never-fading glory of Thy kingdom, O Thou great

Teacher and Lover of the hearts to whom be praise and adoration for evermore C Amen

(The Priest lays right hand upon the head of the new member raising it only to make the sign of the cross)

P: The blessing of God Almighty, the Father + the Son and the Holy Ghost rest upon thee

that thou mayest faithfully serve before him in all the days of thy life C Amen



artist, painter… or somebody with other duties in the Church or to bless any who is engaged

in good works. The Priest should use the same form as above with modifications. And a

fitting charge can be inserted after the invocation, mentioning special problems and dangers

if that is thought wise



If it is a very young boy or girl who shall serve at the altar it may be wise to let him or her serve

without formal ceremonial admission some times until the experience is that the child or youth

is fitting. For admission can the Priest use the same form as above with modifications.

A charge may be inserted after the invocation or before the service