C: Amen

PRESENTATION of the candidate

Sponsor: Reverend Father, we present to you this -----

praying that you will receive it (*) into the fellowship of

the "Ecclesia" ( or church) (or congregation) of Christ.

P (=Priest): Brethren and Sisters, (Friends)

Christ has in his lovingkindness ordained that His

mystic Bride, our holy Mother the Church, shall guide

and protect her children at every stage of incarnation

To this end is the Sacrament of Holy Baptism ordained

that the church may give welcome and blessing to each

soul which comes to this world of pilgrimage, and that

the soul may dwell in a body purified from the taint

of evil, sanctified for service of our eternal nature.

Therefore, brethren and sisters, I pray you to join with

me in this baptism, whereby this (soul . . . . )

shall be made partaker of heavenly gifts

Hear the words of the Gospel: ""When you know

your Selves then …..you will be aware that you are

the children of the living God" / Thomas 3:9/

and "Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly

Nature is perfect" (Matthew 5:48/

P R A Y E R (P with right hand on head of candidate

P: According to the old traditions will we now in the

Name of God bless this (soul ),

We Exorcise + all weed seeds coming from its past

We Absolve, + give forgiveness for past sins as far as it

is in accordance with the wisdom of heaven

In the name of the + Father and + Son and + the Holy

Ghost, (our heavenly Mother)

(P makes the sign of cross above brow, throat, heart navel

at lest if the candidate is a child + + + +

P: As Christ we say "Ephphata", "Be thou opened"

Let your mind and heart be opened to the blessing

+ of the most holy Spirit of God that your human

nature may be perfected as your divine Nature is perfect

The priest places the end of his stole ### upon the

shoulder of the candidate and says

P: Come into the inner Temple of God where you will

have more and more part with Christ into the eternal :

that is to be with human words a spiritual King, Priest

and Prophet or Queen, Priestess and Prophetess

THE FIRST ANOINTING (Cathecumenen-oil)

(P takes C-oil on right thumb and makes one cross on

the cand´s breast or throat and one cross at its neck …

and finally one cross before and one cross behind the

cand without touching the body of the cand…saying

P: In the name of Christ I + + anoint you

with catechumens oil for your safeguarding

His Holy Angel will go before you + and

follow after you + and keep you in all your ways.

 T H E   B A P T I S M

(P pours thrice consecrated baptismal water over the

head and forehead of the candidate, while P says


I Baptise you in the name of the + Father

and of the + Son and of the Holy + Ghost,

(our heavenly Mother) Amen


(P takes Chrism-oil on right thumb and anoint the

cand on the top of the head in the form of a cross +.

P: With Christ's holy CHRISM do I + anoint you that

His strength may prevent you in your going out and your

coming in and guide you to the perfection of the Eternal.

(P makes the sign of the cross over the brow, breast and

heart and navel at least of each child and says

P: Be blessed ++++ (or says "Requiem)

T H E   R E C E P T I O N

(P with his thumb still moist with CHRISM makes a cross +

upon the candidate's brow + :At the last clause he lays his

hand upon the candidate's head.)

P: I   receive you into the fellowship of Christ's

Holy Ecclesia (or church) (or congregation)

And I sign you + with the sign of the cross

Seek the ladder to "confirmation and initiations" in

your divine nature and the secrets of heaven and the

prophets who have given the commandments

"Thou shalt love the Eternal with all thy heart and with

all thy soul and with all thy mind and with all thy strength

And thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these

Two commandments hang all the law and the prophets"

C Amen

(Place traditional white dress on shoulder of candidate)

P: Receive from the holy church this white vesture

It is a symbol of purity, the first stage on the path of

Holiness It is a token of your fellowship with Christ

and holy Angels. It is a heritage from ancient

Mysteries. Christ don't abolish old prophets (M 5 17)

(Deliver a lighted candle to each candidate. )

P: Take this burning light, enkindled from the fire of

God´s holy altar, for a sign of your own ever-burning

Divine nature. Your duty is to enlighten the lives

of your brothers and sisters in all nature. The second

stage on the path of holiness is enlightenment

(P with right hand on the head of the candidate)

Go in peace. The Eternal is always with you and will

Transubstantiate you ( as the bread of heaven)

(The third stage is divine transubstantiation)

(At the last word may the priest lift a consecrated Host

In a monstrans and bless the c……..)( This sacrament

is veiled or replaced in the tabernacle and the baptised

c……….. is replaced in the care of sponsors. They

may even take care of the white dress and the candle.

(Music and song may end the baptismal rite

(*) The word "it" may be changed to "him" or "her"