CONSECRATION OF BISHOP for the Free Catholic Church (International)***174

After Procession, Invocation, Purification etc and before the Canticle the people are seated.

Con The Consecrator takes his seat upon the faldstool, assistant bishops (AB) and bishop elect (BE) rise

SAB The senior assistant bishop takes the hand of the BE and addresses Con

SAB: Most reverend father, our holy mother the Free Catholic Church prays that you would raise

this priest here present to the charge of the episcopate

Con : Knowest thou him to be worthy?

SAB As far as human frailty allows me to judge,

I do both both know and attest that he is worthy of the charge of this office

Con Thanks be to God

Con Have you the protocol of election?

SAB We have

Con Let it be read

All sit and the protocol is read. This being done, BE kneels before the faldstool, puts his hands

together between those of C and says

BE: In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I, N., chosen bishop of

the Church, do promise all due reverence and obedience in matters canonical to

the Presiding Bishop and his (her) successors. With help of God, through Christ

Con pressing his/ her hands lightly says

Con The peace of Christ is always with thee

B E Amen

Henceforward, in all parts of the ceremony additional to the usual course of the Holy Eucharist, the

ABB repeat all that is said by the Con making also the various signs over the BE with him (her)

Con: The order established of old by the Fathers teaches and commands that whoso is elected to the

Episcopal order shall be beforehand diligently examined in all charity concerning the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and the divers relations and virtues suitable to this charge; It is seemly that this practice be maintained. For, since we verily believe that this stewardship has been committed unto us

by Christ himself it behoves us to assure ourselves that they to whom we in turn commit it shall

know and in their hearts be fully persuaded how great is their responsibility before him. In his name, therefore and in virtue of this authority and commandment, we now ask of thee, well-beloved brother, in sincere charity whether, if thou be ordained to this sacred charge, thou will exercise its powers wholly for what seemeth unto thee the true benefit of Christīs holy Free Catholic Church and

for no other purpose whatever, laying aside utterly all thought of personal predilection or advancement

BE With my whole heart I will endeavour so to do

Con Wilt thou, so far as in thee lies, set thy affection on things above and not on things of earth?

BE Yes , I will

Con Wilt thou with Godīs help ever remember that in this office to which thou art called it is thy duty

and should be thy constant care to show an example of godly life to all those given into thy charge?

BE Yes I will

Con Wilt thou ever cherish as a sacred trust the power now to be committed unto thee and solemnly

pledge thyself to exercise all care and discretion in the choice of those upon whom in

Christīs name thou bestows the gift of Holy Orders?

BE I will

Con Wilt thou hold thyself ever ready to do service in Christīs name to all souls, so far as thou art

able, remembering that the noblest title of a bishop is "servant of the servants of God?

BE I will

Con Wilt thou for the sake of the name of Christ, seek ever to be gentle and tender to the sorrowful

and those who suffer want ?

BE I will

Con Wilt thou ever bethink thee that thou shouldst be a father unto thy people and most of all show

love unto the little ones among thy flock; remembering how Christ spake: " Suffer the little

children to come unto me and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of God"?

BE I will

Con Dost thou believe, according to the measure o f thy understanding and the powers of thy mind,

in the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, from whom, by whom and in whom

are all things in heaven and earth, visible and invisible, bodily and spiritual?

BE I do

Con God will increase this faith in thee, well-beloved brother in Christ, that thou mayest lead thy

flock to a knowledge of the divine wisdom. C: Amen


EUCHARISTIC VESTMENTS is assumed by Con and BE The Con faces the altar and begins the

Holy Eucharist .After the Absolution pronounced by the Con, the BE, escorted by the ABB

and their several attendants, proceed to the side altar. The Con and BE both say the Eucharist in

the customary manner up to the end of the Gradual, the following Collect and Epistle being used


Let us contemplate, that almighty God, in his great loving-kindness and watchful care over

his Church, bestows grace on these servant, now about to be numbered among the shepherds and

rulers of thy Church that with pure heart and open mind he/she may faithfully receive of the

plenitude of the Spirit; through Christ ( in you) C Amen (Colossians 1. 27)

(The collect of the day and such other collects as are usual follow here)


From the Acts of the Apostles beginning at first verse

When the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. And suddenly

there came a sound from heaven, as of a rushing mighty wind and it filled all the house where they

were sitting And there appeared unto them cloven tongues, like as of fire, and it sat upon each of

them; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost and began to speak with other tongue, as the Spirit gave them utterance. And there were dwelling at Jerusalem Jews, devoted men, out of every nation under heaven. Now when this was noised abroad the multitude came together and were confounded because that every man heard them speak in his own language. And they were all amazed and marvelled, saying one to another: Behold, are not all these who speak Galileans? And how hear we every man in our own tongue wherein we were born? Parthians and Medes and Elamites and the dwellers in Mesopotamia and in Judaea and Cappadocia, in Pontus and Asia, Phrygia and Pamphylia, in Egypt and in the parts of Libya about Cyrene and strangers of Rome, Jews and Proselytes,

Cretes and Arabians, we do hear them speak in our tongues the wonderful works of God

This is the Epistle of this day

(The Gradual being ended , the people are seated and BE is escorted by the AB to the Con who from the

faldstool thus addresses BE )

Con It appertains to a bishop to consecrate, to ordain, to offer sacrifice, to anoint, to bless,

to loose and to bind, to baptize and to confirm, to preside, to interpret and to judge

(Rising he continues)

Con Let us then contemplate, dear brethren and sisters, that Almighty God, in His great

lovingkindness and watchful care over the Church may bestow upon this bishop

Elect a plentiful grace for the performance of this sacred ministry C Amen

(All sing but if there are more candidates: all sing" they", instead of " him" or "her")


LITANY (Ordinands lie prostrate. Congregation may kneel)


Is GOD in all immanent ?

Is God coming in advent ?

Some ask… Church does answer "YES":


GODīS "SON" is in everyone

SPIRIT comes now "clothed in sun" (Rev 12.1 )

Named by Christ our "HEAVEN-MOTHER (Hebrew gospel)


nature-angels dance in ring

with each heaven-Queen and -King

shouting for creationīs joy


do now seek Godīs hidden face

in star, grass, bird, human race

and in angels within all



Pilgrimage means incarnation

Heavenīs transsubstantiation God, your children bless thee+


seek in east some freedom-lot

paradise, a Cam( e)lot / God your children bless Thee +


will not be desireīs slaves

leave the past as in its graves / God your children bless Thee +


are by serpents often much hurt

are converted by Godīs prophet / God your children bless Thee +


Do all like them? Not the least (Number 14 )

We thank spies as headman priest …/. God, some children bless Thee +


God has child from heaven sent

Angels, shepherds, kings here went / God your children bless Thee+


with Godīs voice, dove angel host

But the world is still heard most /God, some children bless Thee +


cloud, transfiguration, sunlit

We get Gnosis, see some secret / God, your children bless Thee +


Bring the mystic benediction

Spirit-Self gets resurrection / God, your children bless Thee +

(The three verses which follow are sung by the conserating bishops alone)

they rise, receive staffs, turn towards BE, bless at appointed places













(The following verse is sung by all) The cons bishops kneel again


GODīS SON is in everyone

SPIRIT comes here " clothed in sun" (Rev 12 1)

Named by Christ our HEAVEN- MOTHER (Hebrew Gospel)

( The people are seated.)

One of the clergy holds an open book of the gospels over the neck and shoulders of the BE who kneels, while the Con with hands extended over him recites the following prayer

Cons O, Christ (in us), the fountain of all goodness, by the operation of the Holy Spirit do you

appoint divers orders in thy Church and for the greater enrichment and perfection do you shed thy

gifts abundantly upon souls making some to excel in wisdom , others in devotion and yet others to

be well-skilled in action You pour forth thy sanctifying grace upon this/these thy servant(s) of

the fullness of the Holy Ghost, that in the pontifical dignity to which we are about to raise him he/ she may shine resplendent with all manner of heavenly virtues O Thou great shepherd and bishop of the souls of men, to whom be p raise and adoration from men and from the angel host C Amen


, ,all kneel and sing 4



Eternal Spirit, Self in all

Creates here space-time, body, soul.

Divinity beyond , does call:

"Perfect in love your Shepherd Role!"


"You are all Gods", does Jesus say.

"You are of heavens Light a ray.

You came from highest heaven down.

Now clothed in earthly shepherd gown".


Take shepherd-staff and priest-king-rod,

Teach "lamb and wolf" to serve true God

Find water, wisdom, gnosis-scriptures

Agape-love in Godīs green pastures


We are as Winds from highest Heaven

With Spirits hidden gifts, the seven

Creating here with Godīs own Word

The perfect incarnated herd


Godīs River is eternal art,

It flows through body, mind and heart,

It makes us all " in spirit poor"

Godīs Kingdom waits for all those pure.


Godīs fire- tongues will come down,

Give saints from heaven Spirit- crown,

And open in us Spirit- eye

We see then God in man and sky


Return from shepherd's pilgrim-path

You find eternal spirit-hearth

Beyond the space-time. Body, soul

Beyond horizons is the Goal



The people remain kneeling. Cons and the AB rise; they lay both hands on the head of B E.

And together they say slowly and distinctly the words of consecration,

Bishops: Receive the holy Ghost for the office

and work of a bishop in the Church of God

After a pause, with hands extended over the new bishop, the Con continues with the following prayer, the AB likewise extending their hand and, as already indicated, accompanying him in a low voice

Con O God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost, most blessed and adorable Trinity, who art and art and art to come, as thou hast now bestowed upon this thy servant of thine awful power and hast deigned to consecrate him as thy representative and a teacher of thy people + you will open as

we pray thee his/ her heart and mind to thy heavenly grace that he may handle wisely that which he/

she has received and, being ever mindful of thee, he/she may exercise his sacred power to the honour and glory of Thy holy Name. You will fulfil in each chosen bishop the perfection of thy service and having entrusted him /her with the supreme dignity doThou sanctify him/ her with unction from above

The head of each newly-made bishop is then bound with a long napkin and the Con anoints him with

Holy Chrism in token of hi/hers authority and dignity as a ruler of the Church, saying to him /her

Con: May thy head be anointed and consecrated with heavenly blessing in the pontifical Order, so that

the power which thou dost receive from on high may flow forth from thee in ever greater abundance

and glory. In the name of the + Father and of the + Son and of the Holy + Ghost C: Amen

The Cons again extending his hands, says

Thou who art wisdom, strength and beauty will show forth thy glory in this thy servant. You wish to

let thy wisdom dwell in his mind and enlighten his understanding, that he may be true in judgement and a wise counsellor unto this people, discerning in all spiritual knowledge. May he be strong and of a

good courage, sustaining his people in the face of darkness and despondency, a tower of strength to them that falter on the way. Let the beauty of holiness shine forth in his conversation and his actions.

You, o Christ will fill him with reverence and make him devout and steadfast in Thy service. May gentleness adorn his life, that he may win the heart of man and open them to the light of the Holy spirit. Above all, may he/ she be so filled with thy love that he/she may touch the hearts of man with the fire from heaven and bring them from the darkness of ignorance into thy marvellous Light; Thou who

livest and reignest, o Trinity of might and wisdom and love, one holy God throughout all ages of ages.

C: Amen

The Con, being seated, anoints the hands of the new bishop with the Holy Chrism. He/she says

May these hands be consecrated and hallowed for the work of the pontifical order by this anointing of the holy Chrism of sanctification In the Name of the + Father and of the + Son and of the Holy + Ghost

C: Amen

Con makes the sign of the cross first over the heart of the newly consecrated bishop and then over his hands s

Con: Mayest thou abound with the fullness of spiritual + blessing, so that whatsoever thou dost + bless may be blessed and whatsoever thou dost hallow may be hallowed and that the laying on of this

consecrated hand may avail for the spiritual safeguarding of thy people; in the name of Christ C: Amen

He joins the consecrated hands, the right resting on the left, and they are placed in a linen cloth which is suspended from his/ her neck. Having cleansed his hands he proceeds to bless the pastoral staff, pectoral cross and ring. Turning to the altar and taking the staff in his hands, he says

Eternal Triune God, before whose great white throne seven flaming Spirits stand, whom yet thou dost send forth through all the world. + You poor out upon this staff thy sevenfold fire, that it may be

a rod of power for the ruling and strengthening of thy Church; through Christ our Lord C: Amen

Holding the cross between his hands, he says

Almighty God, who of thine own most holy will didst offer thyself as a sacrifice for all the world and hast by that limitation of thyself hallowed the sign of the cross and made it for ever Thine own, let the seven rays of Thine ineffable glory + shine through this sacred symbol, that this holy cross may ever be a radiant sun to him who weareth it and a fount of light and benison to all thy faithful people.

O Thou who reignest from the cross for ever. C Amen

He holds the ring between his joined hands and says

O Christ, and God of love, whom angels hosts obey, touch thou with sacred fire this ring which in Thy name we + bless, that he who w ears it shall ever show thy love and purity and all who touch it shall know thy healing grace… C Amen

The new bishopīs hands are unbound, the napkin is removed from his head and he cleanses his hands.

The Con presents the STAFF to the new bishop, saying

Con: Receive this staff and wield thy power with care as shepherd of Christīs flock. By virtues of the sevenfold fire of God the Holy Ghost be thou all things to all men; giving more strength unto the strong, yet showing gentleness unto the weak, full of wisdom for the wise and for the devout full of

deep devotion Yet as the seven flashing colours of the bow makes one pure white ray, so shall thy sevenfold power be all the one great power o f love

The new bishop hands his crosier to his crosier bearer.

The Con suspends the cross round the neck of the new bishop saying

Con: Receive this cross, remembering that only by the perfect sacrifice of the lower nature to the higher

canst thou fit thyself to bear it worthily. Go forth in the power of the cross and may the sevenfold

light of the Holy Spirit so shine through thee that thou mayest win others to the beauty of sacrifice

Con places the ring on the ringf inger of the right hand of the new made bishop saying

Receive this RING in token of the link which binds thee to Christ,

for symbol of thine office as His legate to thy people.

In His most holy Name, be thou a healer of the souls of all and a channel of His love

Con delivers the Book of Gospels, closed, which had previously been held on his/her shoulders

Con says: Receive the book of Gospels and be thou a teacher of the divine wisdom unto the people entrusted to thee




The Con and after him/her the AB give the salutation of peace to the newly consecrated bishop;

Con and AB: Peace be unto thee

Newly-cons bishop: And with thy spirit

The new bishop(s), accompanied by the AB and their several attendants, withdraws to the side altar.

The Con resumes the celebration, the special gospel which follows being used


From St John 14. 15

JESUS said unto his disciples: I will pray the Father and he shall give you another Comforter, that she

may abide with you for ever; even the Spirit of Truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth her not, neither knoweth her, but ye know her, for she dwelleth with you and shall be in you. I will not leave you comfortless; I will come to you. Yet a little while, and the world seeth me not more: but ye

see me; because I live, ye shall live also. The Comforter, who is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, she shall teach you all things and brings all things in your remembrance, whatsoever

I have said unto you. Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you; not as the world giveth, give I unto you Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid


After the credo and immediately before the Offertorium is read, the new bishop presents his offerings to the Con. According to ancient custom these consists of two small loaves of bread, two torches or candles and two miniature barrels of wine. The loaves and barrels are emblazoned with the arms of the Con

on a golden shield and those of the new bishop upon a silver shield or with a stamp

The newly consecrated bishop, accompanied by his AB, then proceeds to the south end of the high altar

and says aloud the remainder of the office of the Holy Eucharist with the Con word for word

IN THE PRAYER OF CONSECRATIO N the following clause is added after the words "for all our

Bishops, clergy and faithful

Especially for him(her) whom in Christīs holy name we have admitted to the order of the episcopate

After the final blessing the people are seated and the Con and the new bishop assume the cope. The Con proceeds to the faldstool. The mitre or ecclesiastic crown and glove of the new bishop are held before the Con and he blesses them. The three bishops place the Catholic mitre or Orthodox Byzantine crown on the head of the newly consecrated bishop

Con Receive this MITRE ( ecclesiastic Crown) wherewith I crown thee for the service of Christ who although He be God and man, yet He is not two, but one Christ; and as in himself he does

indissolubly unite two natures, so mayest thou in thyself forever join the attributes of wisdom and love

The Con, with the help of the AB. puts the GLOVES on the hands of the new bishop.

This being accomplished, the Con rises and says

Con We thank you , O God, who will fulfil in thy servant that which is betokened by these visible emblems, so that the virtues which in these garments is prefigured by sheen of gold, by flashing of gems and cunning of varied embroidery, may continually shine forth in his life and actions. C: Amen

The new bishop is solemnly ENTHRONED.

The Te Deum Laudamus is sung,

during which the newly consecrated bishop, attended by the AB, proceeds around the Church

and gives his blessing to the people,









The people stand 7


Antiphon: Christ in you is the secret: and the highest wisdom of the heavens ( Col 1)

1/ We praise thee O God; we acknowledge thee to be the Lord

2/ all the earth doth worship thee; the Father everlasting

3/ To thee all angels sing aloud; the heavens and all the powers therein

4/ To thee Cherubim and Seraphim continually do cry

5/ Holy, Holy, holy Lord God of Hosts;

6/ Heaven and earth are full of the majesty: of thy glory.

7/ The glorious company of the apostles: praise thee

8/ The goodly fellowship of the prophets: praise thee

9/ the noble army of martyrs: praise thee.

10/ The holy Church throughout all the world: doth acknowledge thee; your religions?

11/ The Father: of an infinite majesty

12/ Thine honourable, true: and all-embracing Son

13/ Also the Holy Ghost. The comforter moder kallad a jdeus

14 thou art the King of glory: O Christ

15 Thou art the everlasting Son: of the Father

16/ Thou sittest at the right hand of God: in the glory of the Father 6

17/ Thou art alpha and omega: the first and last of all.

18/ Offspring and root of saints: thou bright and morning star

19/ Day by day: we magnify thee;

20/ And we worship thy name; ever world without end

21/Thou who from both come: O god the Holy Ghost

22/ Thee, too, O Paraclete; we worship and adore

23/ Thou art the fount of life : the living fire of love

24/ Three in one. most holy God

25/ Co-equal, co-eternal; before beginning and without an end

26/ We thy servants live in thee: and all we have is thine

27/ We bless thee, we magnify thee: most joyously we serve thee.

28/ O mighty, glorious 'trinity: let all the people praise thee.

Glory be to the father and to the 'son: and to the Holy Ghost

As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be: world without end. Amen

/Antiphone) Christ in you is the secret : and the highest wisdom of the heavens ( Col 1)

When the procession returns to the sanctuary, the new bishop is seated on the thron or faldstool, the
Con standing upon his right hand and the AB upon his left. The Con turns to the people and says

Con the Lord be with you, blessing + is with you blessing

People And with you is the spirit - blessing +

Con Let us contemplating pray

The people kneel in heart and bodily if they please

Cons O God, the shepherd and ruler of all the faithful, you look down in lovingkindness on this servant of thine, who has now become a pontiff and ruler in thy Church; you grant him as we pray thee o Lord both by his/her ministration and by words and example so to profit those over whom he is placed that together with the flock committed to his care, he may continually increase in the knowledge of thy mysteries; through Christ our Lord C Amen

The people are seated

The Con and the AB, one on either side of him/her, stand at the gospel side of the sancturary. The new bishop advances to the middle of the altar and gives his solemn benediction as follows

B (facing the altar) : Blessed be the name of the Lord

People From this time forth for evermore

'B Our help is in the name of the Lord:

P who hath made heaven and earth

B (turning to the people) The peace of God, which passeth all understanding, keep your hearts and minds

in the knowledge and love of God and of his 'son, Christ our Lord, and the blessing of God almighty, the

+ Father, the +Son and the Holy + Ghost be amongst you and remain with you always. C Amen


The newly-consecrated bishop then pays homage to the Cons according to the ancient tradition of the Church. He advances by three stages from the epistle side of the sanctuary towards the Con, genuflecting each time and saying "AD MULTOS ANNOS (unto many years) finally receiving from the Cons the SALUTATION OF PEACE This concluded, the procession leaves the chancel