The Priest, having vested, formally enters the house and says

P Peace be to this house and to all that dwell herein

The Priest draws a line with holy water at the entrance and says

P O God, you invoke us always to co-operate with you We invoke you. therefore, O Lord, ( We invoke your blessing,) We invoke you so to bless this doorway by Thy mighty power that those who enter here may leave behind them all unworthy thoughts and feelings, and that Thy children who dwell in this place may ever serve Thee in peace and holiness of life, through Christ our Lord

C Amen

P then goes to all other entrances to the house and draws a line of holy water before each

repeating the same invocation

P next blesses incense and, attended by one bearing the censer and another the aspergill

P sprinkles the various rooms with holy water. After which P says:

P O God, who in Thy providence hast appointed a wondrous ministry of Angels, we invoke Thee

to send down Thy holy Angel to + bless and to + hallow this house, that they who dwell herein may live

in the power and love of Christ our Lord and Master, and may continually serve before Thee

in all good works; through Christ our Lord

C: Amen

(There may be in the house a corner or place for contemplation

perhaps with a cross and perhaps with a religious picture.

If that is so the P is recommended to give a special blessing at that place

and recommend it for daily contemplation as "Meditation"

page 103 and page 104 or Prime page 121 and Complin page 122

P may if asked start with it at once and even add a hymn and

reading from a Holy Scripture which God has sent with religions)

P: Let us then…………………



BLESS OBJECTS in general 186

The exorcism

P In the Name of God we exorcise all unfit influences

that they may be driven forth from this………………………………………….

which we are about to dedicate to His service

In the power of the + Father and of the + Son and of the Holy + Ghost

C Amen

The object may now be sprinkled with holy water and censed


P Let us now bless this object

P O God, who in the mystery of thy boundless love didst breathe forth Thine own divine life into this

Universe, and art Thyself the continual source of its existence, You invoke us always to co-operate with

You. Therefore do we invoke Thy blessing to incarnate more and more We invoke you to stretch forth

The right hand of Thy power over this -------------

which has in divers ways been purified,

and fill this creature with heavenly

+ grace and + blessing

Grant that whosoever shall use this …………..

May be enlightened in heart and mind and serve Thee in all good works

Through Christ our Lord, who liveth and reigneth with Thee in the unity of the Holy Spirit

God throughout all ages of ages

C Amen