GLORIA IN excelsis (All may sing:)

"GLORY be to God / in the / highest

on earth peace / to men of goodwill" …… (Lukas 2. 14)

hear Angels singing; / "Father you are blest "

You are the Shepherd, always / near and in vigil

We worship You, the Father, / God in all,

We praise now that Your / Will and Call

before all ages: planned our / pilgrimages,

predestinated all to bliss, / perfection.

Your strength upholdeth and sustaineth all / creation.

To You be glory, Father God / the almighty.

We bless You Christ, in all, the / Son of heaven,

and thank apostles,/ the eleven

and bless the twelfth, the dark /"resistance role"

The mystic cross / shall save each soul

In man and universe / You are now incarnate

and shall each soul / quite transubstantiate

You take new / birth in all

with love which conquers every / "fall",

You give your bread to those in / crucifixion

You help the "dead" till / resurrection

"Christos" , each day and night / will you now be

with all here and be one with all -/ eternally

We bless You, Holy Spirit, heavenly / Mother.

You incarnate the Christ, as Master, elder / Brother,

all souls, all nature, stars, each / nation.

Your beauty shines through all / creation.

We praise You for Your wisdom and Your / grace.

Those pure in heart shall see your hidden / face (Matt 5 8)

You order for us birth and right / oblation

and lifts us to the mountain of / salvation.

You Holy Spirit + with the Father and the / Son

are in us and in heaven and are / ONE


P: The Lord is in you - blessing + (The Lord is represented by P)

C; And in you is the Spirit - blessing + (The Spirit is represented by C)

P: Let us (in prayer) contemplate