T H E   C H A L I C E,

the Cup or "Holy Grail" is now unveiled. And it is now filled with WINE and WATER.

This ritual language is old and inter-religious. Many interpretations are contemplated:.

THE CHALICE is e g a symbol of the EGG OF SPACE within which GOD acts as

emanating and incarnating - And it is e g a symbol of our individual psychic space.-

THE WINE is e g a symbol of the CHRIST-consciousness which is our inner nature.

It incarnates in our space-egg or inner chalice and transubstantiates our psychic nature

from unconscious till conscious divinity, according to one interpretation.

WATER is e g a symbol of the Holy Spirit who first in "the beginning" of time did

from heaven brood over the idea of "water" (matter) and becomes that matter and is

a heavenly mother for all emanations and incarnations. She becomes the "EGG" or cup

or chalice or form of matter and is still the unlimited Spirit

SPIRIT is in religions often symbolised by a bird coming from an egg or being one

with an egg. Hiranyagharba, Ginungagap and other "eggs" or chalices of the ancient

mysteries are now "the Holy Grail" or chalice of the Christian Eucharist. Contemplate

it as the endless space of God and your own soul where the same mysteries take place.

Contemplate the wine and water which are now offered in the chalice:

P: LORD CHRIST, according to the Word from you ,

"Do this in remembrance of me"

and according to the rites of ancient mysteries

which you have preserved and renewed

we do now take ONE CHALICE and

we do now mix water with this wine. They become ONE.

We give it to all contemplating how the ONE LIFE of GOD’

does incarnate in all in the whole universe

We do contemplate how God through the universal sacrifice

is born, and deathlike sleeping in and buried in the grave’

of matter until perfection gives resurrection to divine consciousness


(Traditional censing of oblations, altar, priest, clerics, choir and C.)

P: In the name of God + we bless this incense.

A biblical prophecy is that from the rising of the sun

we shall bring pure offerings and incense shall be burnt....

and that the angelic nature will let saintly prayers

as smoke of incense ascends before God in all

We shall learn to breath forth the blessing of Spirit


(= "I will wash my hands" / Latin, lavare= wash/. The washing of the

hands by the celebrant after the offertory and censing. Even that part

of psalm 26. 6 which is recited by the priest while washing the hands:

P: "I wash my hands in innocence and go about Thy altar, O Lord,

singing aloud a song of thanksgiving and telling all Thy wondrous

deeds O Lord, I love the habitation of Thy house

and the place where Thy glory dwells"...