this pure + OFFERING                                   ( which wakes the LOVE of our spirit)

this + holy OFFERING,                        (which wakes the WISDOM of our intuition)

this glorious + OFFERING    (which wakes the SACRIFICING WILL of our soul)

the holy + BREAD of life everlasting           (which wakes our UNDERSTANDING)

and the + CHALICE of eternal salvation    (which wakes DEVOTION in our heart)

We contemplate gratefully how Your holy Angel of Presence

will bear our oblation to Thine altar on high,

there to be offered by Him who as the eternal High Priest,

for ever offers Himself as the eternal Sacrifice

It is Your will that Your heavenly Sacrifice shall be mirrored

among us here on earth. We do therefore celebrate the

mysteries of the most holy + BODY and + BLOOD


We are grateful for these mysteries in which You

+ HALLOW + QUICKEN and + BLESS your children, living and dead.

All these things do we affirm, O Father, in the Name and

through the mediation of (our older Brother) Thy most blessed Son

Christ, for we acknowledge and affirm with our hearts and lips that

+ by him were all things made, ye all things in heaven and earth

+ with Him as the indwelling Life do all things exist and,

+ in Him as the transcendent Glory all things live and move

and have their being To whom with Thee, O mighty

+ Father, in the unity of the Holy

+ Spirit, be ascribed all honour and glory, throughout the ages of ages.

C: Amen   (Elevation)

                    T H E   C O M E M O R A T I ON  OF  T H E   S A I N T S

P: Here do we give unto Thee, O Lord, most high praise

and hearty thanks for the wonderful grace and virtue declared

in the holy LADY MARY and in all Thy glorious Saints from

the beginning of the world, who have been the choice vessels

of Thy grace and a shining light in many religions

+..... We join with them in worship before Thy great white throne,

whence flow all love and light and blessing through all the worlds

in which you have incarnated us

                    ( FRACTIO  PANIS;  T h e  breaking  o f  b r e a d )

O Son of God, who showest Thyself this day upon a thousand

altars and yet art ONE and indivisible, in token of Thy great

/ # / SACRIFICE we BREAK This Thy Body

contemplating how by this action, ordained from of old,


which Thou dost give us in this holy Sacrament,

may be spread upon Thy world;

O LORD CHRIST, as Thou was made known to Thy disciples

in the breaking of bread, so may Thy many children know themselves

to be ONE in Thee, even as Thou art ONE with the Father

C: Amen