THE CROSS of the coat of arms of the Church will say that it is Christian. But it is even a device for other religions. The Egyptian branch of the Church was the first to use a Christian cross and it is the Tau-cross of the Osiris-religion but moulded. broader. The crusaders had a cross on the mantle

THE SUN rising equally on the evil and the good represents God the Father and the divine Agape-Love.

THE EYE of the sun represents all-seeing divine wisdom, righteous divine judgement and divine grace.

THE MOON is a symbol for the Holy Spirit who is also named the divine mother. She is standing on the crescent with the Child. (Rev 12 1) Our divine Mother is symbolised by the moon-formed ship or womb in which we sail as pilgrims to a perfection God as eternal Mother is most misunderstood.

THE MORNING-STAR is a symbol for our goal, consciousness in the innermost Christ-Self.

THE MOTTO, "FREEDOM" beneath the shield is from Christ according to Luke 4 18

KEYS to KNOWLEDGE is lost in many religions. Jesus says: "Woe to those who have taken away the key" (Luke 11 52.) "Be wise as serpents" (Matthew 10.16) Christian Gnostics and Kabala - Jews talk about a gnosis which is lost or forbidden and with a serpent as metaphor. (E g the serpent of

brass) St Paul says that a veil covers the truth but where there is Spirit of the Lord there is freedom CROSSED KEYS A-O behind the shield are interpreted in different ways The key to heaven and to the kingdom of the dead is said to be in the hands of Christ. But when the key of heaven is given to the apostle Simon (Matthew 16 19) that is by some interpreted as a key to the leading role in the

congregation understood as "The Kingdom of God" on earth. Simon should have the "Peter"-position." "Peter "was an old esoteric title for leader with Gnostic initiation . Petrus, Petros, Petra, Cefas, Kaefas, Keffa means rock. The one with "Peter"-role was in some old mystery-temples sitting on a rock.

THE TWO KEYS ARE SACRAMENTAL POWER according to interpretation in Catholic and Orthodox Churches, the power to e g loose (forgive from) sins (Absolution) and retain when that may

be a wiser path to our goal. Christ says that he has the power to forgive sins and that it is given to His Church Then the ideal is that each congregation has a leader with the competence (or "keys" ) to liberate or retain. It can be said that the keys are angels of judgement, who make us reap what we sow and that way correcting us. The sacramental power is with those angels and Church is a vehicle

CHRIST, Buddha, Krishna are by some interpreted foremost as incarnations of the innermost eternal Self of all, A and O. It is now in most people still latent. Conscious about it are only real saints and high angels. Our conscious ("lower") self is a temporary imperfect incarnation of our Christ-nature, until perfection is reached. This innermost Christ-nature. "the secret" ( 1 Col 27) is the important key

THE VICARIOUS ATONEMENT is the key mentioned by Isaiah 53: Christ as voluntary victim .

It is our own eternal Self which always suffer by helping our common human nature The help may give us temporary suffering as a surgeon who saves a patient Vicarious atonement is mentioned in

many pictures of God suffering for us. Christ on the cross is the most common .

IN HINDUISM it is Vithoba or Vishavakarman, Krishna who is crucified ,suffering in space, in all . IN BUDDHISM it is e g the avatar of Avalokiteshvara, the Dhyani Bodhisattva of Amitabha Buddha With His compassion and thousand arms will he reach and help all beings and part sufferings of all.

PROMETHEVS and such "incarnations" in many religions are said to suffer and even die for us.

OSIRIS is "killed" and in ceremonial ways many mystic orders enact that mystery. They let candidates for initiation play the role of the suffering God, sometimes bound to a wooden cross during the rite.

The suffering is that we must reap what we have sown ( in East named karma) Or that the divine self in us has the will to send us on a pilgrim-path full of valuable difficulties in order to strengthen us.

God or the divine incarnation does share part of our karma and partly suffering for us

FORGIVENESS of sins is an other way of saying "vicarious suffering" or that Christ takes part in it

THE SACRAMENT OF FORGIVENESS (Absolution) is one method of vicarious suffering. The priest who has real sacramental ordination is said to convey such a blessing from heavens. But we can

all part the burdens of other souls and many do it more or less voluntary, helped by angels


may have a mitre or orthodox Episcopal crown

above the shield and have a Catholic crosier

based on the shepherd īs crook or an Orthodox

T-formed staff with two serpents. The Episcopal

Hat may be a pilgrimage-hat. There may be a

Lily for the Lady Mary, an Anchor as symbol

for hope and secret sign in times of persecution,

with or without Fishes pointing to baptism

One motto is "Agape's Gnosis"

Other branches of religion may have had motto as

"God will it" ( mission-war, conquering, stealing,

murdering as at Jericho) Compare the Christian

crusaders, Israelite and Muslim invaders etc.) -

A future motto which we have suggested is

"United religions"