Bishop celebrates the Eucharist in full pontifical robes.

The oils and balsam for consecration are brought in at the Offertorium (in procession).

After the hymn Adeste Fideles the Bishop is seated at the table placed beforet he altar..

The bishop exorcises the oil and balsam as follows


Bishop: In the Name of God, we exorcise all unfit influences from this oil and balsam which we are about to dedicated to His service, in the power of the +Father and of the + Son and of the Holy + Ghost.

C Amen

( Only the oil for sick is now left on the table)


B rises and blesses this oil as follow

B In the Name of our Lord Christ and invoking the assistance of the holy Archangel Raphael

We + consecrate and + hallow this oil for the healing of the sick; The blessing of the Great Physician

will rest upon them that it may give refreshment and peace alike to soul and body

C Amen

The oil for the sick is carried out in procession to the sacristy


B blesses this oil as follows

B In the Name of our Lord Christ, we + consecrate and + hallow this oil.

that it may serve for the cleansing and safeguarding of those who receive the holy rite of Baptism

or consecration to the Order of the priesthood…

C Amen

(The oil of the catechumens is carried in procession to the sacristy)


The bishop blesses the balsam and oil respectively as follows

The blessing of the Balsam

B; In the Name of our Lord Christ we + consecrate and + hallow this balsam, that everything touched therewith may burn with His purity, before whose splendour the angels veil there faces.

C Amen

The blessing of the Oil

B: In the Name of our Lord Christ, we + consecrate and + hallow this oil now set apart for the making of holy CHRISM, that it may bestow upon those who receive it of the fullness of spiritual strength.

C Amen

The balsam and oil are now mixed and the Bishop, extending both hand over it continues

B Let us contemplate: O Lord , the fountain of all goodness, who dost pour down Thy gifts abundantly upon men and for their strengthening dost hallow and set apart these earthly things as channel of Thy marvellous power, we thank you for sending Thy blessing upon this holy Chrism, that whatsoever

person or thing shall be anointed therewith shall receive of the fullness of spiritual consecration.

You will let Thy heavenly blessing descend upon those who are signed by this CHRISM

with the sign of Thy Holy service that guarding well their spiritual heritage they may shed around them the fragrance of a godly Life, o Thou great Shepherd and ruler of the souls of men, to whom be honour and glory for evermore.

C Amen

The bishop breathes 3 times in the form of a cross over the Chrism. The priests who are

present breathe over it in turn in the same way and it is then carried in procession to the sacristy.

The bishop proceeds with the Holy Eucharist. After the ITE MISSA EST has been sung he exhorts the priests faithfully to guarded the CHRISM and holy oils and not to presume to administer them otherwise than according to the usage of our Church