Branches of an original "Free Catholic Church" are many but with other new names.

You find that they are different in spite of common roots. You find that they incarnate through new

representatives and die and disappear and reincarnate with new names and partly equal ideals. You

can study their history, with some great leaders and how growing majorities of common quality try to

produce popular fruits. Some are poisoned and betrayed and those who try to be loyal to the

original intentions have to try to start anew. Those who "betray" need not be looked upon as bad souls

but just not ripe enough to listen to the Holy Spirit committing the higher secrets of the Kingdom.

And the few who are ripe do often not get real followers. The most ripe leaders of Israel were sent

by God as "spies" to the East, to the inner spiritual world. And when they came back they were not

appreciated. Most people were not ripe to listen to them and preferred to "die in the Sinai desert, in the

sense the common mental religion. What can we do about that. Jesus, Buddha, Christ etc could not do

much more than they did. Now and then we find a religious genius working in a branch of a Church

which does not silence them as long as only few listen to them Some are named Gnostics, mystics or

are speaking and writing in ways which can be interpreted in harmony with those ruling. Jesus quoted

"God in his wisdom said: "I will send them prophets and apostles, some of them they will kill and other

they will persecute" It is said ( Luke 4 24) " No prophet is accepted in his home town"

( Matt 13 57) "Only in his home town and in his own house is a prophet without honour"

"You are descendants of those who murdered the prophets". Jesus did "not abolish the Law or prophets"

In JEWISH KABALA we may find remains of past esoteric knowledge from India and Egypt

IN THE KORAN says Mohammed (the angel Gabriel which God did send with the Koran)

that Abraham and all the prophets as Mose and Jesus were true (Muslims).

Some Sufies among the Muslims have expressed knowledge about deep gnosis

AMONG HINDU devotees we find the belief that God send many new holy initiated incarnations.

Vishnu himself comes in new avatars.

AMONG BUDDHISTS can we find the idea that new Buddhas do come to enlighten us.

DOGMATIC CHRISTIANS cannot understand that they all speak truth when often letter is different.

The prophets have sometimes used words which can be understood as not the same truth. The truth of

Spirit can not be quite expressed by human words. The spirit must enlighten us.

Sometimes are we given truth through organizations and individuals who say that they commit some

secret gnosis. They may name themselves representatives of secret orders, yoga, mysteries of ancient

Gnostic, Egyptian, Indian, Greek or Jewish Kabala. Sometimes that is false or just business

.Sometimes they have even dangerous methods.

CATHOLIC means all-embracing. That is accepting values from all prophets and all religions. It has been

said that the apostle Marcus became the first pope in the Egyptian Coptic Church where he even

met the ancient "masonic". mysteries of Egypt. The apostle Thomas went to India where mysteries

of Indian Yoga was "secrets" which he could unite with what he formerly had learnt. Some apostles

got contact with the famous Greek mysteries in which Diogenes Areopagita ought to have learnt a lot.

Later generations of Christians have had a majority which did not understand much of the values of

the prophets which God had sent to other religions. We must now repair this shortcomings and come

to a really Catholic, that is really universal understanding of the gifts which God has given through

prophets and saints in all religions.

A MOTHER-TEMPLE is behind the scenery . That is an hierarchy which remains occult and not

is known but by a few. All may study how our apostolic succession is derived through the original

Church, through the different "Orthodox" and "Catholic" branches, all may wonder about incarnations

named Dionysious Areopagita, the cardinal Barberini, the Dutch Old Catholic, revolutionary Gnostic

souls as Blavatsky, Jung , Huxley and more "liberal" reformers who served in different ways more or less conscious about the will of the interreligious Occult Hierarchy and its Mother-Temple.

But few know much about such secrets of the Kingdom. United religions is a difficult goal……..

but most religious souls are not ripe for it. We have tried to mention problems with translation of

grammar in the Hebrew Bible, its indefinite tense but most often in vain. We have tried to mention how affirmative prayer give a more true religious outlook than the common petition to God that He or She shall change and become more giving. Many priests are forced to teach congregation to shout "Lord

have mercy" though those priests do already believe that God is perfect mercy. Petitions do undermine

real belief in God. Many congregations may have members who are ripe in worldly things but in

religion bound, spiritually blind, deaf and as mad by indoctrinated dogmas. Some religious

leaders are conscious about problems but hindered by majorities and ancient councils to make changes. And "against stupidity do even the Gods fight in vain"