Minor Orders 161

are Cleric /preliminary step) and 1: Temple-watch, 2: Reader, 3: Exorcist, 4: Acolyte

(Holy Major Orders are Sub-deacon (Preliminary) and 1: deacon 2: priest, 3: bishop)

CLERIC. The ordination ought to take place in the morning during 162

the Eucharist after the Introit. The other four minor orders after the Kyrie

Priest: Let those who are to be ordained to the Office of Cleric come forward.

/The ordinands rise from their seats and advance a few paces towards the bishop, bearing lighted

Candles in their hands. They bow to him, the candles are taken from them and they are seated.

Bishop or priest charges them about the history of holy orders, what orders are understand to come from

Christ himself and how churches and congregations have added and changed rules and recommendations

Clerics have been asked to refine bodies. (The cleric gets a white surplice

Temple-watchers are asked to purifying control emotions. The Temple-watch is 163

even named Doorkeeper and is given a key to the Church and a bell,

Readers are asked to control mind and study the sacred science and help 164

other souls to reach deep gnosis, Readers are given a book

The exorcist shall develop a strong will which can exorcise bad influences 165

from the past in the soul of the exorcist and other souls - with the help of Christ the Lord

in the sense the Lord of our Church and our innermost secret eternal Self. The exorcist is given

a sword as his symbol. The idea to cast out devils is a shadow of the truth that each soul incarnates

in a world where our eternal nature manifest opposites named God(s) and Devil(s) to give to

us opportunities to manifest knowledge of opposites and capacity to find the path to perfection

Acolytes shall put on the armour of light and learn to see the divine light 166

In everybody. They are given a candlestick with a lighted candle

After the charges can the bishop ordain and bless

The ordinands kneel before the Bishop in succession .

B places right hand on the head of each as he says


TEMPLE-watch and doorkeeper, READER, EXORCIST, ACOLYTE

B hands the surplice , key + bell , book, sword, candle

A final blessing can be

B: The blessing of God Almighty, the Father, the Son and the Holy + Ghost comes down upon you , that

you may with steadfastness and zeal persevere in that which to-day you have undertaken. C: Amen


( Charges fitted for different orders, souls and ages ***