Higher meditation is "passive" in the sense that it is not activity of the common conscious self but it is an activity of the higher, more "divine" nature in our innermost. Our common self is "passive" in this meditation. It is difficult to explain to people who never experienced it. Religions try to help us by such stories as e g "The annunciation" where the lady Mary is passive. She is representing the common human nature. and says only to the angel of God, Gabriel "Behold the handmaid of the Lord: be it unto me according to thy word. The angel had said to Mary: "Hail, thou that art highly favoured, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou… The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee". The Holy Ghost, that is the heavenly Mother-aspect in our higher nature, has the active meditation-role which makes of Mary a representative and incarnation of our heavenly Mother. It has been named "Immaculate Conception" as it is not activity of a limited human soul but of the divine power. Mary is conscious about herself and about the angel and partly of what the angel gives but in a state of passive receiving. This is not an exception in history. It will happen more and more in all souls. Jesus said "My Mother, the Holy Ghost lifted me (The Hebrew-letter). We all have two mothers, our heavenly Mother and an earthly mother but we are not yet born immaculate, without human activity. Our human self and limited mind is active and not yet "immaculate" as God

The Angel Michael may be experienced by an other "Mary" or common human nature in passive meditation . When the angel ( as an aspect of our higher "Self) does overshadow the lower human mind

does it manifest selfless irresistible strength, not knowing fear And the human nature can in that state watch how its body does heroic, superhuman acts which must surprise itself and all. The samurai- and knight-ideals can be compared. The key to the actions are on the spiritual level, not easy explained

An Angel of art, of our divine nature, may be experience in passive meditation It is a heavenly

perfect artist who then "overshadows " our common human Mary-nature. and does produce art which

is inspired by heaven. The artist may afterwards believe that heaven has helped. But the artist cannot explain to other people what happened. The artist may have produced literature which is on the border of what other people can accept and one result is that such literature is destroyed, forbidden or changed to fit ruling people. "The holy scriptures" of the religions may first have been "too holy" and reduced to acceptable level.

"The Mother of God" is symbolised in many religions, in East as the absolute Kali, and many goddesses, as the merciful Kwan Yin and Maya , Matri-Padma. In Christian gnosis is the Holy Spirit. our heavenly eternal Mother.….In Jewish Kabala is Binah and Hovah (Jah-Hovah) (JHVH)

The Jewish Kabala and Hindu philosophy and Christian gnosis say more about angels then exoteric Christians. Some of our mystics write about clairvoyant visions of angels. The healing service of

Christians invoke the angel Raphael. The Islamitic Koran is said to come from Allah through the angel Gabriel. That is then one famous example of passive meditation - but it is said that the Koran

contains secrets….so we must carefully contemplate and question each word. Of course angels and our heavenly "Mother" and passive meditation is difficult religion and not on the common childish level.

"The secrets of heaven" are mentioned by Christ and disciples but remain secrets even to most scribes.

Dionysios Areopagita, "The father of Christian Mysticism" writes about contemplation that there is the affirmative path and the still higher but more difficult path of negating all illusions. (Prayer in the

common petition-form, as indoctrinated in many children can hinder our higher monism, )

We recommend affirmation of God in the holy scriptures and in nature as you find in our Eucharist and in other services in this volume. The negating path ought to be tried. It is for the few most ripe says Areopagita… they who give up mental activity and enter what is ineffable

Devoted souls who start with the most simple affirmative contemplation can experience a sudden " grace" that they are lifted from mental levels to a spiritual passive level where the words do get

a deeper significance. When during the Eucharist the Sacrament , the Body and Blood of Christ is

on the altar --- it does happen that a devoted soul, sitting far from the altar, can watch Christ coming

from the altar and entering the humble human soul and transubstantiating it and making it a vehicle,

a transubstantiated Host or Chalice, completely filled by the divine consciousness and resting in the Eternal.. That is to say that a soul may start with a humble imperfect contemplation with human word in the service….and suddenly be beyond time and space with God in heavens.

The words in the services are meant to help such happening , not to bind the contemplating soul to

limited doctrines but give and inspire freedom. Our motto from Luke 4 18 is to "proclaim freedom for the prisoners" . Most devotees are imprisoned and "killed" by the letter and by the illusions.

One of our bishops choosed the motto Ps 107 14 "He broke away their chains". But many are not aware of their chains. We will "give recovery of sight for the blind." But most of spiritually blind

souls are not aware of being blind--- until their eyes are opened for a blessed moment

Jesus has given an example of passive meditation when contemplating on the Mount (Matthew 17.1) That the disciples were sleeping but wake up may be a parable. We are said to sleep from spiritual point of view but we shall awake. Jesus was during the passive contemplation "transfigured". His face shone like the sun, his clothes became as white light. And Moses and Elijah were there speaking with him. A bright cloud enveloped them And a voice from the cloud said. "This is my son.. Listen to him"

People may believe that this happened only in the past. But the passive contemplation brings all of us to the Holy Mount even now and there are all the prophets …But as Jesus said "Do not tell anyone what you have seen." What we may experience in passive contemplation is not fit for telling,


“REST IN THE ETERNAL”  is passive  meditation, a gift of the Spirit  (1 Cor  12 7) 104


    At cremation of a dead body do we say to the departing soul        Rest  in the eternal,    Requiem in aeternam”. But even at meditation during this earthly life is one  ideal to  “Rest in the eternal”   It is even named   ”by the  Spirit infused contemplation”.  Then it is not the personal temporal self which gives the rest  but it is  the  eternal Spiritual Self inmost in all  which  does infuse, emanate, manifest, incarnate its unlimited  Consciousness in our  limited  self-consciousness as far as we are receptive.  Jesus knows that the common  soul is not yet competent to receive all what the Spirit will give from above     (John 16 12)


  Know thyself  is an ideal which Jesus and all religions emphasise.       In the Pistis Sophia-gospel does

Jesus speak about our eternal Spirit  who emanates, manifests, creates, incarnates   as us. He says that we then are “all Angels, Archangels,  Gods, Lords,  Rulers,        all  the  great invisibles,   who will manifest perfection in our personal nature. He says that  they will purify, enlighten us with the Mysteries of Light, to make us conscious about all those gifts of the Spirit which is in our innermost


St Paul  says  (1 Cor) “Put love first but there are other  gifts of the Spirit at which you should  aim also...

Wisdom, knowledge  faith, healing, miraculous power, prophesy,  ecstatic utterances,   interpretation  of tongues” Ability to “distinguish  true spirits from false” is needed when in some circles we find “tongues”

which are insane psychopathic states and not manifestation of  wise messages


   Rest in the Eternal    can come as a consciousness compared to “the empty circle of the Infinite”. In it dies all desires, wishes, human thoughts  and will.    There is  only the not manifested eternal.       Thee is perfect rest, Sabbath   after all activity in the worlds of  manifestation.  This experience of meditation can not be explained with words.  Symbols  and parables  may  try to  intimate something.    But the common

souls  are not yet  interested in such rest.  They have desire for worldly   targets,    sensual enjoyments


  Can we help those who will get some experience of the  REST IN THE ETERNAL?         Let us first

contemplate the manifested  limited worlds  as  a cross within the circle of the infinite. The two  lines, the

vertical and the horizontal line can symbolize the  pairs of the opposite,    light and darkness,     divine life and divine matter who do together  give   resistance    which is necessary for evolution in time and space.

The cross of manifestation is emanated of the  middle point of the circle (“the  eternal  Father”). The cross is reabsorbed in the point at the end of time. That is named  Apokatastasis in Bibles.                If we then contemplate   that the cross is  reabsorbed in the “empty “ circle of the infinite may we be inspired to get

as a shadow of the real passive  requiem in aeternam       The consciousness of  the empty circle and point

is what remains when  the cross of manifestation is reabsorbed.     But the holy scriptures of religions say

that “the Word”  of the Cross will manifest again as   a new heaven and a new world.   A new emanation.


A Jewish bible has as first words “In the beginning  the God created the heavens and the earth”. A more true  translation of the original indefinite tense of  Hebrew grammar is   according to Cabalists    “In the beginning  is God, heavens   and earth  emanated.  The emanating  (“creating”)  subject is not mentioned

(as “too holy” but is in Cabalism  “Ain Soph Aur”. “Create” is  a popular not  true word. According to a

philosophy  of  Existentialism is our existence not created but remains  existing  more or less manifested.


Some mystics  say that our existence comes forth out of the silence of the absolute eternity. That silence

is by  some Jewish Mystics named  the Eternal Mother  Shekina.   It has happened that  female prophets,  priestesses,  religious  woman   have been symbolized as  “the silence of the  Eternal” in the work of a

Temple.  St Paul may  have known about that  and thought of it  when  and if he did write that women

shall keep  silence  in the congregation.  But one other theory is that he had experience that  woman had

been   speaking  disturbing  during a service.  


 Holy silence is a form of   devotional  contemplation in retreats and in some monasteries. Those who have experience  such a   group of silent meditation are surprised of its deep results.   In the Gospels can we find how Jesus is sleeping in a boat but is awaked  when storm and  waves are  dangerous and it is said that he does command the wind and waves to be silent. And when they are silenced  he continues with his pupils to the other shore.    Some  mystics  interprete the story as a  parable for how our souls are full of storms and winds which  hinder us  in the boat of the soul  to reach the  shore of the Eternal


Different linguistic usage   can  describe the  rest or silence in the Eternal   in different ways.    Jesus says that  “blessed are those who are  poor in the Spirit.  The Kingdom of Heaven is theirs.  Poverty is

then a spiritual parable   for  how the Spirit is “empty” with regard to worldly property and enjoyments.

In that  emptiness, poverty, stillness, silence  is  eternal rest and  blessing, requiem in aeternam.


Jesus does come  poor,  riding on an ass.  The ass was the  old sacral royal animal for riding. The horse was   for military riding.    Therefore does Jesus use an ass when riding to Jerusalem.  The ass or horse is even  symbol for the body on  which the soul is riding.  The “king   who is riding  is himself

the   mystery:    The rest in the eternal,   Requiem in aeternam