The "Way" and "Pathless" truth 51

"I am the Way" says Christ and Krishna according to scriptures. Buddha is said to incarnate an. eightfold Way. Mose is said to teach us to wander as pilgrims a Way from the "Egyptian fleshpots" ( Exodus 16 3) to the promised (inner) land. (Compare rituals which do enact this dramatic wandering..) The "Jihad" of Islam is said to be a Way of holy inner fighting until we reach peace in God, Allah. Bibles say that the religious Way of prophets is foremost in the command "love God and your neighbour" This is the sum of the law given as the Way through prophets. The idea of Way is from our wordily experience and such a word is fitted for most people Some question if the "Way" comes from an infallible world ? Are the prophets infallible ? Are the "holy" scriptures infallible ? Some say that "holy" scriptures are only parables and are distorted and that translations are often wrong. How much are scriptures misunderstood or misused by leaders? Are some leaders a little mentally deranged? Do they in innocence believe in illusoryGods? Who inspired them? Do they use the name of God as tricks of propaganda -… The crusades were given the motivation "God wants it" When Israel stealed and murdered in Jericho it was said "God will it.".(Science says the whole story is false propaganda).. When Mose commanded circumcision he may have thought it healthy or helping his sect He said it came from the God JHVH (Genesis l7 10) Some scientists say "from Egypt" You may ask if it is not wrong to circumcise a defenceless child Shall we not wait until the child is ripe enough to judge for itself and can refuse .The meeting of the apostles(Acts) did not recommend circumcision St Paul was against it.. Jesus said according to "The gospel of Thomas" …. "If circumcision were beneficial our Father would beget us circumcised from our mother. But the true circumcision in Spirit gives ultimate benefit". Churches prefer baptism . We say now thatthe "Ways" of religions may be help or hindrances. Let us give to all freedom to test all Ways

Mystics experience that each religious "Way" has an end where we must leave luggage: religious tools:theology, philosophy, methods. The higher divine truth " is a pathless land beyond words and thoughts " The mystics use symbols, paradoxes, negations. A cross is a symbol which can be understood as anegation of illusions. Areopagita is mentioned as "father of the Christian mysticism" and gnosis. He does teach pupils the path of negations, the divine darkness which is the true light of Gnosis.Plotinus and philosophy from India may have contributed with adwaita -absolute monism. In Rig Veda do we read "Nor Aught nor Nought existed, bright sky was not, nor heaven´s broad roof. There was no death The only One breathed breathless by itself. Darkness there was. And all at first was veiled in gloom profound. ……. An ocean without light …… The gods themselves came later into being…….."

The Eternal root of existence is mentioned with such words and most with negations. Even the word Parabrahm says that there is a reality beyond the Gods of Brahma-nature Even . Buddhistic Nirvana has in it the conception of an Emptiness (Sunyata) which is negating every "way" which we know about or believe in. The essence of Buddhism is emptiness, says Bodhidharma- .

Abraham -legends may be from India. The name Abram can mean "not Brahman", negating Brahmanas something illusive compared with that reality which is beyond Brahma. The names Abram and Sara mayhave roots in "Brahma and Sarasvati" in the sense " God the Father and God the Mother". Abraham as human beings may have been ex-Brahmins coming from India They may have given Indian gnosis as roots of Jewish gnosis . - That is perhaps partly original Kabala

In the Christian gnosis can we find equal secrets mentioned by Jesus as "You are Gods" (Elohim). And that John the Baptist was a reincarnation of Elijah … And Jesus says "Blessed are the poor in Spirit" That may be those who negate mental illusions ? Then they have reached emptiness, Sunyata. Pleroma is a Gnostic word which means divine fullness. That "fullness" is negating illusions and is "emptiness "

Children ought to hear about the Ways of prophets and problems with interpretation translating and contradictions: As "Did Jesus immediately escape to Egypt or go to Jerusalem and back to the home in Nazareth * ? Was Jesus the son of God ? And are we all "sons and daughters" of God? Let us educate questioning children about the pathless truth and that Christ proclaimed freedom (Luke 4 18)(* Compare Mathew 2.14 and Luke 2 39 )