(The BISHOP celebrates the Holy Eucharist with the following special Collect and Epistle)


B: Let us pray in the name of God. Almighty, everlasting God, by whose Spirit the whole body of the Church is made holy and governed. You pour forth thy sanctifying grace into the hearts of these thy servants, who are about to be numbered among the priests of thy Church, that with pure heart and open mind they may faithfully receive thy blessing from on high, through Christ our Lord. C Amen

THE EPISTLE is taken from the First Epistle General of St Peter, l, 1

THE ELDERS which is among you I exhort, who am also an elder and a witness of the sufferings

of Christ and also a partaker of the glory that shall be revealed: Feed the flock of God which is among you, taking the oversight thereof not by constraint, but willingly: not for filthy lucre, but of a ready mind: neither as being lord over Godīs heritage but being ensamples to the flock. And when the chief shepherd shall appear, ye shall receive a crown of glory that fadeth not away. The God of all grace, who has called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus after that ye have suffered a while, will make you perfect, stablish. strengthen and settle you. To him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. C Amen ( And)

In the LETTER TO THE HEBREW may we read about Christ as heavenly priest with a priesthood

which remains for ever. He is priest for ever after the order of MELCHIZEDEC (Hebr 7 17 )

In the REVELATIONS we may read how we now become priests of God (1.6) (20.6) THE GRADUAL being ended, the bishop takes his seat before the altar . Ordinand(s) come forward

bearing lighted candles and are presented to the Bishop by an appointed priest who says

P: Dear Bishop, our holy mother the Free Catholic Church prays that you would ordain this deacon

( these deacons) here present to the charge of the priesthood

Bishop; Knowest thou them to be worthy of this office?

P: As far as human frailty allows me to judge I do both know and attest that they are worthy of this office

B Thanks be to God

(The ordinands are seated. The Bishops says)

B Dearly beloved brethren and sisters: as both the captain of a ship and the passengers it carries have equal cause for security , it behaves them whose interest are common to be of one mind. Nor was it without purpose that the Fathers declared that the people also should be consulted touching the election of those who are to be employed in the service of the altar, for what is unknown of many concerning the life and conversation of those who are presented, may oft-times be known to a few and all will necessarily yield a more ready obedience to one when ordained to whose ordination they have signified their assent. If, then, any one has aught to the prejudice of these men, in the name of God and for the benefit of Church , let him boldly come forward and speak; howbeit, let him be mindful of his own estate

((( ( After a pause, the bishop, addressing himself to the ordinands, charges them (e.g.) as follows ))))

Dearly beloved sons (and, or, daughters) it is now our part solemnly and for the last time, before the irrevocable act shall be accomplished which shall lay upon you the sweet but heavy burden of priesthood, to charge you how great is the dignity and responsibility of this office and how weighty are the duties to be performed by those ordained thereto. It appertains to the priest to offer sacrifice, to bless, to preside, to loose and to bind, to anoint, to preach and to baptize

Wherefore, dearly beloved sons (and) (daughters), whom the award of our congregation has chosen that you may be consecrated to this office as our helpers, after solemn premeditation only and with great awe. Sublime is this office to be approached and great indeed must be the care with which we determine that they who are chosen to represent our blessed Lord and to preside in the Church commend themselves by great wisdom, by worthiness of life and the persevering practice of justice and truth. Do you, then, beloved sons (and daughters) keep these things in remembrance and let the fruit thereof be seen in your in your walk and conversation, in chaste and holy integrity of life, in continually abounding in all manner of good works. Strive without ceasing to increase within yourselves the perfection of heavenly love that, having your hearts filled with the love of God and of all, you may be almoners of Christīs blessing and bearers of His love to

man and all beings. Forget never how great a privilege is ours to bring the little ones to him through the gateway of baptism and to lift the heavy burden of sorrow and sin of the world by the grace of absolution. Consider attentively what you do: imitate those things which in the Church of God it is your duty to handle and transact. And forasmuch as you will now be called upon to offer the Holy Sacrifice before the throne

of God and to celebrate the sacred mysteries of the Lordīs love, be earnest in ridding your embers of all imperfections. Ye whose duty it is to offer unto God the sweet incense of prayer and adoration, let your teaching be a spiritual remedy unto Godīs people; let your words of blessing and consolation be their

0 help and strength; let the sweet savour of your you life be a fragrance in the Church of God

Thus both by word and deed may you fashion the temple of God, so that neither shall we appear blameworthy before the Lord, who in His Name shall thus advance you, nor ye who shall be advanced; but rather may we all find acceptance and abundant recompense for this dayīs act, which of His infinite goodness and lovingkindness He deigns to grant (The ordinands rise)

B: Will you then strive to use worthy the powers entrusted to you?

Ordinands Yes I will

B The Lord keep you in all these things, beloved sons ( daughters) and strengthen you in all goodness. C Amen (B rises and addresses the congregation: )

B: Let us contemplate, that almighty God, in his great loving-kindness and watchful care over his Church, bestows grace on these Deacons, now about to be raised to the order of the priesthood

LITANY ( if diaconate has not been conferred during the same service )

(All sing. C may kneel. The ordinands lie prostrate. Three marked verses are singed by the bishop alone)

(Ordination of priest, continued. ) The people are seated after the Litany

The Bishop rises and with hands extended towards the ordinands, who kneel before him, prays:

B: O, Lord Christ, the fountain of all goodness, by the operation of the Holy Spirit do you appoint divers orders in thy church and for the greater enrichment and perfection do you shed thy gifts abundantly upon men. You pour forth thy sanctifying grace upon these thy servants, who are about to be numbered among the priests of thy Church that their hands shall be strong to achieve, that wisdom shall guide and direct their lives, that the beauty of holiness shall sanctify them and shed a spiritual fragrance about their path, so that in all their work begun, continued and ended in thee, they shall show the abundance of thy power and glorify thy holy name, o thou heavenly King of love, to whom be praise and adoration from men and from the angel host. C: Amen

(In silence the Bishop lays both hands on the head of each ordinande. The same is done after him

successsively by all the priests present, When this is over, both the bishop and the priests,

having their right hand extended towards the ordinands , the bishop says the following)

B: O, Lord Christ whose strength is in the silence, you grant that these thy servants whom now thou dost join into Thyself in the holy bond of the priesthood shall henceforward be able to minister faithfully of the priestly power to those who ask in thy name. C: Amen

B: Let us in prayer contemplate how almighty God can multiply the gifts of the Spirit in these his

servants for the work of the priesthood

(They lower their hands and kneel while the *Veni Crater is sung)



Eternal Spirit, Self in all

Creates here space-time, body, soul.

Divinity beyond , does call:

"Perfect in love your Shepherd Role!"


"You are all Gods", does Jesus say.

"You are of heavens Light a ray.

You came from highest heaven down.

Now clothed in earthly shepherd gown".


Take shepherd-staff and priest-king-rod,

Teach "lamb and wolf" to serve true God

Find water, wisdom, gnosis-scriptures

Agape-love in Godīs green pastures


We are as Winds from highest Heaven

With Spirits hidden gifts, the seven

Creating here with Godīs own Word

The perfect incarnated herd


Godīs River is eternal art,

It flows through body, mind and heart,

It makes us all " in spirit poor"

Godīs Kingdom waits for all those pure.


Godīs fire- tongues will come down,

Give saints from heaven Spirit- crown,

And open in us Spirit- eye

We see then God in man and sky


Return from shepherd's pilgrim-path

You find eternal spirit-hearth

Beyond the space-time. Body, soul

Beyond horizons is the Goal



B (The bishop rises and again imposes his hands upon the head of each ordinand, saying to each)





( The bishop with his hands extended towards the ordinands, continues )

(Ordination of priests, continued)

( Bishop): O GOD, the source of all holiness, of whom are true consecration

and the fullness of spiritual benediction in prayer we contemplate how you, O Lord, will + open

to thy heavenly grace the hearts and minds of these thy servants, who have been raised to the priesthood, that through them thy power may abundantly flow for the service of thy people. May they be earnest and zealous as fellow-workers to our order and thus prove themselves worthy of the sacred charge committed unto them. And as by a spotless blessing they now shall change for the service of Thy people bread and wine into the most holy body and blood of thy son, may they be ever watchful that they keep the vessel

of their ministry pure and undefiled. May every kind of righteousness spring forth within them and may

their hearts be so filled with compassion for all souls that they may forget themselves in the love of others.

Thus steadfast in thy most joyous service, may the radiance of Thy love and Thy glory shine ever more brightly in their hearts till they rise unto mature spiritual manhood, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ, when their lives shall be hid with Christ in God… C Amen

( The bishop is seated and, taking the stole that hangs after the manner of a deacon, )

he places it on the right shoulder and crosses it over the breast of each new priest, saying )

B: TAKE THOU THIS STOLE , for a symbol of the power of the priestly office and as a channel of the

overflowing stream of Christīs love

(The Bishop vests each new priest with the chasuble, saying

B: TAKE THOU THE PRIESTLY VESTMENT that in it thou mayest offer with our Lord Christ

the most holy sacrifice of His sacred Body and Blood

(The bishop anoints the hands of each new priest with the holy catechumens-oil, saying


by this anointing and our + blessing;




(The bishop closes the hands together, palm to palm, and they are bond together

with a white linen strip. The bishop delivers to each new priest a chalice

containing wine and water, with a paten and a host upon it, saying



The Bishop and the Priests cleanse their hands. The celebration is continued, one of the

newly ordained Priests going to the altar for Munda cor meum and Gospel-reading

THE GOSPEL is from John 20, 19

"The same day at the evening, being the first day of the week, when the doors wee shut were the disciples were assemnbled, for fear of the Jews, came Jesus and stood in the midst and saith unto them: Peace be unto you. Then were the disciples glad, when they saw the Lord. Then said Jesus unto them again: Peace be unto you; as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you. And when he had said this he

breathed on them and saith unto them; Receive ye the Holy Ghost. Whosoever sins ye remit.. they are remitted unto them; and whosoever sins ye retain, they are retained

(and) from the Gospel of Matthew from 28 18

All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them

in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you and lo, I am with you alway, even unto the consummation of the age.

(Just before the ofertorium, the new priests kneel before the bihop and each presents to him a lighted candle. Thereafter the new priests recite with the B the reminder of the Holy Eucharist. B shall communicate the newly ordined priests in both kinds

IN THE PRAYER OF CONSECRATION can B after the words "for bishops" etc add e g B: Especially for these whom in Christīs holy name we have admitted to the order of the priesthood

AN OATH OF CANONICAL OBEDIANCE can come after "Under the veil…" B is seated on

the faldstool: the new priests kneel before him and, placing each his joined hands between those of the B :

B: Dost thou promise to myself and my successors doe reverence and obedience in matters canonical

New P I do promise

Bishop Peace be to thee

N P And with thy spirit: Peace

B Dearly beloved sons (and daughters) as what you have to handle is not without its mischances, I warn you that you do most diligently attend to the course of the Holy Eucharist and especially to that which regards the consecration, the breaking and communion of the Host. Be you also careful that in everything which appertains to the administration of the sacraments of Christīs holy Church, you do adhere to the form set forth by lawful authority and presume not to depart therefrom in any detail.

(B blessess the new Priests kneeling before him as follows)

B: The blessing of God almighty, the + Father, the + Son and the Holy + Ghost, comes down upon you, that you may be blessed in the priestly Order and in the offering of sacrifice to Almighty God, to whom

belong honour and glory to the ages of ages. C Amen

(The bishop is again seated upon the faldstool and addresses the new priets as follows ):

B Dearly beloved sons (and daughters) consider attentively the Order you have taken and be ever mindful

of the sacred trust reposed in you. Since it hath pleased our Lord to call you thus closer to himself, forget not the Service of your brethren and sisters, which is the golden pathway to his most glorious Presence. Freely you have received, freely give

(The Communio is sung and the Holy Eucharist is continued to its close)