MOSE was first priest in the Egyptian Mysteries (Acts 7.22) He got initiations in its secret Gnosis. And Mose is said to have been adopted as a son of a daughter of Pharaoh. That is ritual language. Members of the Egyptian Mysteries were all named children of Pharaoh who was according to Mysteries incarnation of God, the divine father "Osiris". And Mose was initiated in a religious rite which he gave a new Jewish form. The original Egyptian rite can now be found only in private orders. It can be named the "Exodus to the East". Its fundamental teaching is that we all, as eternal spirits, come from an eternal spiritual world, which is named "The East". And we shall all finally return to our spiritual home in "The East".

As in the Jewish "Exodus"- rite we shall within our souls travel from "slavery" in the physical world, "Egypt" with its fleshpots (Exodus 16.3) and liberated so far conquer the dangerous waves of "the Red Sea" (passionate desires) and then meet problems of the desert of Sinai (mental lessons)

"SEND SPIES to the East" says God ."Send spies to Kanaan" says the Jewish ritual and the common

Bible (Numbers 13). Spies are sent from the desert of Sinai. They are the "leaders", the most advanced souls. They get in all times glimpses of the "East" in the sense visions, revelations of the spiritual world. And in all times they come back to the common people who walk in the desert of common mind. And Bibles tells that the spies are not appreciated. Jesus says also "You are the children of those who killed the prophets". The spies report that the Land in East is full of wonderful fruits and strong beings. The

common people desire to go back to the "Egyptian fleshpots". God does not permit them to enter the "Holy

Land" Their children may enter. (Is that new incarnations?). They themselves shall die in the "desert".

"EPISKOPOS" are mentioned from the time of Homer. The word episkopos can be translated SPY,

herd, supervisor and "BISHOP". Christ himself is mentioned as Episkopos, Shepherd, Guardian in the

first letter of Peter (2.25) . And Christ is as spies of all religions going before the followers to the Land in EAST and coming back to witness about its spiritual values. And he is killed. Proverbs 29 18 says that "where there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint". And there is not much of real vision

appreciated by common "religious" majorities. Most common "bishops" are looking backward to what there forerunners-scribes have accepted. There are even religious leaders who veil certain wisdom-gnosis. That is so in all religions and all times. Mose brought with him from Egypt much which has been secret "Gnosis" veiled by the "Veil of Isis, the divine Mother". Saint Paul writes (2 Cor 3 12) that "Mose put a veil over his face ( his words). Today whenever Moses is read a veil lies over... Even if our Gospel is veiled it is veiled only to …those who have blinded minds". One example is that Jesus preached "You are Gods" (John 10.34). A modern preacher interpreted those words as ironic humour. Many who believe they are Christians cannot accept Jesus teaching Monism, that God and our soul is innermost one. They believe in dualism, that God and our soul is ever duality. To those who believe in a catechism of Luther or Rome it is difficult to accept when Jesus speaks about reincarnation. Compare his words about John the Baptist and reincarnation in Bibles and e.g. in the Pistis Sophia Gospel).

THE SUN is seemingly coming from the East in the morning and the rituals are therefore pointing to

East as our spiritual homeland. The old Egyptians of the Mysteries saluted each morning the rising sun. So did even later on the Hebraic Essene-order and more orders. And temples have been built so that in the morning the first rays of the sun enters and shines upon a symbol of God. Abu Simbul in Egypt is a famous example. Ezekiel may have known about or had a vision of such temple (43) witnessing "The glory of the Lord entered the temple by the gate facing East. The glory of the Lord filled the temple".

CHRISTIAN altars and invocation are often turned to East. A ceremony at Holy Saturday does even

let the morning- sun in the east kindle the paschal first fire from which all other candles in the temple

are kindled: a symbolic ritual preaching without words that all souls are children of the divine East.