The word transubstantiate is often interpreted as in some Eucharist:

that the common substance of bread and wine is by Christ "changed"

so that its imperfect psychic (angelic) nature behind the "matter"

is replaced by the perfect spiritual nature of the Christ-consciousness,

in the moment of Eucharistic consecration. It may be said that equal

transubstantiation to perfection is predestinated for all. But a substance-

angel who should reach transsubstantiation in the far future does now

step aside and a perfected Master incarnates in a substance as a glowing

spiritual sun…. to set example, educate, help. (Sub=under+stare=stand)

Christ said at the first Eucharist: "Do this in remembrance of me"( me =

the personal historic Jesus, the eternal Christ-nature in all, the Word…. )

Christ does this way give a living picture of a prayer-ladder, starting in

our earthly fights against "ignorance" and ending in heavenly peace. As

the prophet Krishna gives such a picture in the East naming it "Yoga"

and as the Muslims have the idea of an "inner war" named "Holy Jihad"

The prayer-ladder of Christ starts when he takes bread and wine

as the "substance". He goes on with blessing prayers which ought

to purify and enlighten our souls ………… . Finally does the Master turn

to the Divine Self which does "transubstantiate" so that he can say

"This is my body This is my blood". The "transubstantiation" is

then not of the human nature but of heaven. Christ gives to us this transubstantiation-rite and says " do this"

And we do it… We take bread and wine. We pray invocating, purifying

and enlightening We do our best and become silent. In silence do

we turn to the divine Self for transubstantiation

This is a picture of the law of religions. When we have done our best

to be pure and enlightened shall we enter a state when human activity

ceases….a state of stillness, emptiness, poverty. Remember Jesus said:

"Blessed are those who are poor in spirit" …..In a state of spirit do we

experience that the human nature is comparatively poor… . In a blessed

silence and emptiness and poverty does our divine nature manifest and

it does transubstantiate so that we as Jesus can say about it

"This is my Body, This is my Blood". This is inner life of great mystics

and we shall all experience more and more of it

People ask: "how can we get time for such transubstantiating prayer?

And we must answer that such prayer does not take time. It belongs to

the eternity which is independent of all time. "Pray always" says Jesus

The mystics find that they need not bother about "find time for prayer"

They find that the Spirit prays within us all at each time. The spirit is in

a state of holiness all the time while the human nature does work with

its many duties… … But we can assist in order to be more conscious,

We can choose from the Eucharist some part as e g an invocation:

Contemplate how God is constantly invocating us and blessing us and

teaching us affirmating prayers as "You are Elohim - you are Gods"

Seek purity and enlightenment and wait in silence for transsubstantiation

when the substance ………. body and soul becomes body and blood of

your eternal Self. Or imagine that you choose to contemplate how the

censer burns incense: See your body as a censer of God or alchemistic

oven /"Athanor"/ where substance-soul in the fire of God is "changed"

to spiritual "gold" or smoke which ascends to eternal heaven within all.

Contemplate the saints and prophets and angels, Mary, Mose, Mohamed,

Buddha, Krishna until substance-soul is transubstantiated and you are

the body and soul of them. Give up your mental ideas about all these.

Go beyond forms to the ideas in symbols as the Cross within all…..

And in transubstantiating prayer does Christ give all answers. And he

says "Then you will know the truth and it will set you FREE" (John 8:31)