JESUS quotes God "I am the God of Abraham". And he says "Before Abraham was born I am"

On the cover is reproduced an icon of "the Old Testament Trinity", that is God seen as three angels who according to Bibles came to the table of the prophet Abraham. And there is reproduced an icon

of the Trinity coming as the Master Jesus the Christ to our altar-table during the Eucharist. We accept

the belief that God is coming through all religions and seen by many religious souls. God does not

always appear as trinity. But we may study beliefs about God by starting with the common Christian

doctrine that God is one in substance but exists in Three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God

is said to be One in Three. In the Old Testament is a monotheism, "Hear , O Israel, The Lord our God is One Lord" But there is also the idea about many "gods". many divine children of the One God.

JEWISH "Kabala" gives a deep idea about trinity in the One: Kether, Chokmah, Binah and 7 Sephirot. Even in the "JHVH" is a Trinity for those who interpret J as the Father, H as the divine Mother and V as the Son. The second H makes a fourfold but that H is only the first H manifesting as our lower nature, as the "bride" of God. God is understood as our higher eternal nature. and our lower personal nature

EGYPTIAN religion initiated MOSES in the trinity Osiris , Isis, Horus. That is names of our innermost threefold divine nature. JEWISH ideas about God are believed to have come from their prophets but of

course many Jews have been influenced by other religions, as by Egyptian mysteries.


GREEK ideas coloured the more liberal Jews. And from the eastern countries came doctrines as allegorical

dual systems. The misunderstood ZOROASTRIAN philosophy colours still Christian devil-beliefs.

ABRAHAM is by some understood as a-Brahmin, ex-Brahmin, a prophet or sect, a tribe

which because of conflict with orthodox Brahmins became refuges in west. From the East they may have

brought with them the trinity-dogma: three angels or Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva, the Creator, Preserver and Destroyer. As the fourth head of Brahma is the Recreater mentioned. An eastern child may be seen with a puppet who has 4 heads and 8 arms. An Eastern idea about many gods may be understood as One god with many aspects Indian gods have often two sides; male and female. Brahma Vach, is male and female

SCANDINAVIAN ASA-GODS are also many. The All-father Odin is hanged in a tree and sacrificing

Himself to Himself which is the same idea about God as in many other religions. A Vedic God, Vishvakarman is in Rig Veda "sacrificing himself to himself" Vitobha, a form of Vishnu, is crucified

as the Christ of the mystics and all gods and all initiated

ISLAMIC ALLAH-IDEAS gives first the idea that there is no trinity, and no fourfold and the reason may

be that Islam shall counteract tendencies to believe in primitive polytheism as three gods Allah, Jesus and the mother of Jesus. In more elevated Islamic thinking is Jesus just a prophet but each soul is divine. The

innermost spirit does incarnate in mineral, vegetable and animal and human kingdoms and in angelic

Kingdoms and finally returns to Allah in a state which is non-manifested not created eternal.

Koran is a secret book which deserves keys. It tells that we live many incarnations and finally return

to our Allah-nature which is above creation. An Islamitic mystic Sufi as Djelal ed-din Rumi has perhaps

best understood the hidden side of the Koran and our eternal nature behind time and space

BUDDHISM says there are many gods but no gods are immortal. Only the uncreated Nirvana is eternal

And Nirvana is the absolute before and after and beyond all illusive heavenly beings and bodies The Nirvana is "Emptiness" ,Sunyata, and beyond all "holiness". Our Buddha-nature is Nirvana

GNOSTIC CHRISTIANS state the same. There is Pleroma which is the eternal emptiness , nothingness

and which is emanating the worlds which are dual, a pair of opposites named Light and Darkness, God and Devil. In modern times it has been explained by the psychoanalyst Jung who says the Gnostic Christian Basilides has inspired him. But he knew about gnosticism from several religions

Our eternal nature is beyond mental understanding. But if we contemplate the different trinity-ideas and

are open to the illumination of the spiritual self will we find more and more of deep "secrets"

Jesus said that he had more to teach disciples but they were not yet ripe to receive more

Those who receive more cannot find words which the majority can accept

Compare the chapter about how God asked Mose to send "spies " to the East (to the inner world)

And when they came back they were not appreciated.. People preferred to "die in the desert" of mental

beliefs and dogmas. What can we then do? We ask people to seek knowledge and through inner Purity and Sacramental "Yoga" as the Eucharist become ready. Still we must accept that the majorities are as children.. Saint Paul said that he was once thinking as a child….but did find secrets of heaven.

THE SPIRIT OF GOD is for Christ our heavenly Mother who lifted him to the holy mount ( the gospel

to the Hebrews). That is typical Gnostic Christendom to understand the Holy spirit as female, our Mother

in heavens, an aspect of our innermost Self. . That understanding is part of the esoteric TRINITY