My Father is the vine-dresser. Remain in me. Bear much fruit. Or be thrown away.

(John 15) . We become branches through sacramental baptism, through apostolic succession of his church and congregation. Jesus says "If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples and you will know the truth , and the truth will make you free. When Jesus says this about ''my word" are we reminded of philosophical teachings as "the creative Word of God", Logos, the Father-Mother, Wisdom, Spirit, Breath, a preexistent being who is emanated, born, incarnated of the Eternal and who at the end of time is reabsorbed in the Eternal. Prophets of religions, philosophers, religious scriptures, "saviours" reveal that as truth and stress that the divine "Logos" is the eternal innermost of all.

THE FREE CATHOLIC CHURCH, ( International) emphasises that Logos is

the eternal nature of each one and that therefore not one single being can become

"eternally lost". All are free to choose wrong ways and become temporary lost and "cast forth as a branch, thrown into the fire, burned". But we shall then after suffering be "resurrected" through our eternal Logos-root and be reborn branches.

We deny such horrible interpretations which discolours e.g. a catechism by Luther that souls who have not right faith shall become damned or as " Roman" catechism states that members of other religions can not be "saved" as those who are baptised Christian believers. We keep freedom for the interpretation and experience that each soul shall sooner or later be quite guided and enlightened

by our own divine nature. We do not say that each religious path is of the same

value but that God sends our souls into such surroundings which we have deserved because of past incarnations and which can be of value for the future.

THROUGH THE WORD do all emanate. Without the Word is nothing manifested. Religions, light- darkness (necessary opposites) are through the Word. Jesus is by a literal interpretation believed to have prophesised an eternal hell and heaven. But the word eternal /olam, aion/ signifies long time. Our uncreated absolute nature is the only really eternal. Heavens and hells do belong to time. LOGOS is mentioned in different ways by different cultures and interpreted with limiting explanations. Jesus did speak to Jews, Romans, Greeks, Egyptians and many who had different degrees of mental and spiritual "Wisdom". In this time do we meet with imperfect interpretations from Hindus, Buddhists and all the world. They may partly complement each other which may have been a plan of Jesus, as most people are as children in spiritual things and not ready for deep Gnosis,

the Truth which will set you free (John 8.32) The oldest scriptures about Logos are from "heaven" or "the East". Our "West" is now much coloured by newer

Christians and the Greek-Jewish speculation of Philo. First hand knowledge of Logos belongs to few mystics in east and west. Free seekers do compare them.

FREEDOM in the sense real spiritual freedom is by Jesus promised to those who "continue" in his Word (John 8 31) as true disciples. Only few may grasp what "true disciple" is to Jesus. "Members of "Christian congregations" are those who are baptised and perhaps confirmed in a sacramental sense or affirm the common dogmas. A real disciples is to Jesus a soul who is one with his eternal

Nature. That is a state of consciousness which is not the common. Few souls experience it but in blessed moments. Other religions mention Christ-consciousness with other words as Buddha-nature or the Krishna-Self.

THE CONGREGATION, the "ekklaesia", "those who are selected" for work

as congregation are guided by "bishops", episkopos, supervisors, temple-servants.

They are often sacramental watchers. A few of them own the truth of disciples.

Episkopoi may even be translated as the spies of God. According to Numbers 14 did Moses during the Exodus send 12 leaders of the tribes from the wilderness as spies to Kanaan. They returned to Moses and told that "the promised land flows with milk and honey. The spies had cut down a branch with a single cluster of grapes, and they carried it on a pole between two of them and they told that "the people in "East" are stronger than we". The people of Israel feared and wished to go back to Egypt or die in the wilderness. Exodus is ritual from Egyptian temples, One esoteric meaning of the spies-story is that some "leader"-souls get knowledge about the promised spiritual land before the multitude which prefers "Egyptian fleshpots". They are not ripe for the spiritual land and "die in the desert". We may

say that we desire bishops who are real "spies" and can tell us about the spiritual land but the common congregation is as in the Exodus-rite not ripe for it.

CONCLUSION about the branches of the Wine of Jesus is that those who give no good fruit will be burned but reborn from our innermost eternal Logos -nature.

All shall become good branches with much good fruit. The Wine and all the branches shall finally be reabsorbed in our eternal uncreated nature. One conclusion about our eternal Logos-nature is that its secret Gnosis creates of each soul a perfect disciple who is one with Truth and so is Spiritual Freedom